Resistance 2

Resistance 2 is an entertaining yet generic shooter that cannot shake off the "been there done that" vibe no matter how hard it tries.


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Resistance 2

Resistance 2 is like the new, hot car you always wanted to own but once you’ve test driven it you realize it’s not as awesome as you’d thought it would be. Sure she’s fast and loads of fun to drive, but when it comes down to stuff like a long term commitment, she just doesn’t cut it. Ok so random analogy aside, what I’m trying to say here is that Resistance 2 is an attractive package to look at but it isn’t a very good long term companion. It’s got the production values of a AAA shooter offering players a so called "revolutionary" 8 player co-operative mode and massive online multiplayer battles. But at the end of the day the game is a generic shooter that cannot shake off the been there done that vibe no matter how hard it tries.

Resistance 2

The single player campaign picks up from where Resistance: Fall of Man (FoM) left off with Sgt. Nathan Hale walking around aimlessly somewhere in London after destroying the Chimera Tower. From there on, he gets recruited by a team of Black Ops soldiers called Sentinels who enlist him in the war against the Chimera that’s tearing America apart. The reason Hale was selected to be a part of this squad in the first place was because Hale himself got infected by the Chimera virus (during the first game) but instead of mutating into one of them he becomes a hybrid of sorts using his new found powers for the good of humanity.

Now when you hear the word hybrid you’re probably picturing a badass mutated mofo capable of annihilating an entire army but sadly Nathan Hale is nothing more than a puny little bitch who can barely take any damage on the battlefield. Even on the lowest difficulty level Hale can barely withstand enemy fire. Stay out in the open for a couple of seconds and you’re mince meat in no time. Now I’m not expecting Hale to magically absorb bullets like a tank, but since the game’s obviously not grounded in reality, I don’t understand for the life of me why the damage he absorbs is so realistic.
Unbalancing matters ever further is the game’s super retarded Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Throughout the single player campaign your squad will rarely lift a finger to help you even while you’re surrounded by multiple enemies. Here I am taking on at least a hundred Chimera and all three of my squad mates very conveniently turned their cheek to me leaving me to fend for myself (oh and I was running low on ammo as well). Also to make the game seem a bit tougher, enemy A.I. has been programmed in such a way that no matter what the situation on the battlefield, every enemy in sight – be it a grunt or a mini boss - is just out to get you. They will run past your allies 80% of the time literally shoving their weapons in your mouth. Combine this with the fact that your squad is as useless as tofu (who likes that stuff anyway?) and you’re looking at quite a bit of frustration.

Resistance 2 is a corridor shooter at heart and every mission sees you and your (useless) squad moving from A to B while killing everything in your path or performing an additional objective like blowing stuff up or deactivating a turret and so on. Now this kind of clich

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