Onida has improved their Xaria line for sure. This TV does have some impressive points in its performance; feature wise it's the same.


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The Onida brand is our very own, something we take pride in, and yes we also hope the neighbors get totally green with jealousy, little devils that they are. Enough puns, it's time to take a look at their new and improved HDTV model, from the Xaria series. It's a 42-inch full HD model, something we at Tech2 have been craving to get our hands on. So lets get on with it...


They have innovated on the bezel, and this is a neat trick that will attract the decor conscious, especially the better halves who need things to match the sofas and stuff. Basically the bezel around the screen has 3 flavors, each of a different color, one of them including some dark shade of orange. I thankfully received a straight bluish gray piece, and it looks good. The rest of the frame is glossy black. One thing I want to point out is that the bezel looks quite broad and it makes the TV screen look even larger, which can be a good thing to show off.

The center of the bottom panel has a trapezoidal arrangement of the buttons, which themselves are flush, and large sized push buttons. The main power button is at the center, with volume and channel navigation at its 2 sides. There is one complaint I need to make. The build quality could have been tougher, as right now, when you touch the screen or lug it around, it wobbles a bit. It anyways comes fixed on its stand, so this should not happen.

The back panel is blank and bare, with a typical glossy black finish. This prompted me to look closely at the sides: all the connections are on the left side, leaving the back panel with a flat, black surface. This is convenient according to me, there is no bending over involved, replacing connections later can be easily done.

The connections include 2 HDMIs, which is bare minimum these days to garner any respect. Then we have a regular host of inputs like 2 component ins, a mini D-sub in for PC, USB input for MP3s and JPEGs, and 2 sets of composite ins. There is one unique output, for a subwoofer. It would have helped if we could directly watch DivX movies off the USB input, from our Flash drives, as this tech is now possible in another brand. I guess it’s a matter of time before everyone incorporates DivX movie playback via the USB stick itself. Now there is another important point to make.

This model claims to be

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