Onida 32 Diamond LCD TV

A very respectable performance from a swanky looking HDTV.


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Onida 32 Diamond LCD TV

I respect this brand, because it has been standing up and surviving in a market with such cutthroat competition and expertise oozing out of the eastern side of the globe. After the XARIA series, we have a new model by Onida known as the 32 Diamond, full model name being LO32XSDBRFU. It’s a 32 incher full HD LCD TV, and comes with a lot of promise.

Onida 32 Diamond LCD TV

Design and Features
The HDTV has quite an interesting aesthetic appeal with a red tinge on the top and bottom panels, visible better in yellow light. The whole bezel is covered by a plate of thick, transparent plastic that rims the TV all around. Bottom panel is broad, and has a sleek looking cutout to add some pizzazz. The top panel has the buttons, basic black push button with white labels. It's a little old fashioned but still functional nevertheless.

All the connections are on the side; it comprises 2 HDMI 1.3, 3 component ins, 2 composite ins, a VGA in and last but not least a USB input for viewing JPEGs, SD Movies( MPEG 1, MPEG2, MPEG 4 SimpleProfile) and MP3s/WMAs. USB supports mass storage upto 250 GB. The brightness and contrast for the TV are not rated, except the dynamic contrast rating that is 70000:1. It’s a Full HD TV with 1920 x 1080 resolution. This TV also has serious sound capabilities with 2 speakers firing out of the back panel, rated at 400 watts (PMPO). The TV comes loaded with special video processing capabilities thanks to proprietary VisD Engine, which has settings like VisD Real Image Processor, VisD Color Enhancer etc.


We started off with our usual suite of visual tests made of Displaymate and DVE Blu-ray. The first thing to check was the grayscale performance of the TV, which was really impressive in terms of lower blacks. The blacks are deep and possess good enough detail in low gray bars. The rotating black bars test was passed. The other end of dynamic range, made of high whites were also decent but not the brightest we’ve encountered. Overall we can conclude that the TV is neutral in its grays, but has not the brightest of backlights.

Color is quite vibrant due to the good contrast of the TV; it is more or less neutral in saturation for the red and green, only blue was slightly heavier when checked on our 256 color bar scale. Displaymate’s Color registration test also was passed, a “not so easy” feat.

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