O ROKR Bluetooth Eyewear

These Bluetooth-enabled glares embody fine craftsmanship but tend to be a little bulky.


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O ROKR Bluetooth Eyewear

Music, technology and apparel seem to be like the three Stooges these days – they don't seem to be a well-adjusted trio, but they work just fine to bring you the best in entertainment.

One of the gizmos I've been waiting to get my hands (and eyes and ears) on for a while now are the O ROKR Bluetooth-enabled eyewear made for Motorola by Oakley. I kept pestering our main man around here, Rajesh, to get these.

And guess what, he did oblige. I finally got a crack at testing the O ROKR and here's my two cents.

Form Factor
The device is manufactured by Oakley, so as you can imagine the design is exactly what you’d expect from one of the foremost manufacturers of glares.

Design-wise it does seem a bit bulky, but the fit was fine. The adjustable earpieces may not be comfortable to wear for a long time, but they were okay. Ideally they should have been a bit smaller, with foam covers for comfort.

 O ROKR Bluetooth Eyewear

There are a total of six tiny buttons on the upper rims of the glares. On the left rim you’ll find the two volume keys, on either side of the call answer/end button. This key also doubles as the power key.

On the right hand rim are the skip and play/pause buttons. Below the left rim is a microphone.

The eyewear is easy to use. Not much is required to set up the device or pair it with an A2DP compatible phone. Since there are just a few controls there’s not much navigation required.

Like I said before, the O ROKR wasn't exactly super-comfortable to wear all day (or even for a couple of hours). And just think: if you’re not on a call or listening to music, just how weird would it look to have those earpieces sticking out like a couple of sore thumbs?

Having long hair is definitely a plus if you’re going to use these – it'll hide the earpieces easily. The glares are a bit too dark in my opinion. But on the whole they are nice to wear and had good range (almost six meters easily.) The battery lived up to its claim of four hours. Nice.

Now on to the main aspect. I gotta admit the sound quality was quite good. (Then again, most Bluetooth headsets are.) Once you adjust the earpieces to sit into your ears – as best you can – you will notice that the clarity of the music is really quite good.

However, I did have a bit of a problem while taking calls. Although the volume was at maximum, the person at the other end wasn’t as audible as I expected. I kept asking if he could hear me and he could – but not too clearly. Pity an adjustable mic isn't on offer as well.

I had the opportunity to test it with the new RAZR 2 V8 and they make a great pair.

The Bottom Line
The glares are a great accessory to for the truly fashion-conscious. If you’re into brands, you can't do better than Oakleys, right? But the O ROKR, although innovative, is not a fully functioning Bluetooth headset for your mobile.

It's great for music, and though a bit too dark for the eyes, still serves its purpose. And it’s all good when it comes to style. But if you’re going to use the O ROKR for calls, bad idea.

Priced at around Rs. 13,000, it could turn out to be an expensive gift. Still, I’d take it. So if you can afford it, I say go right ahead, knock yourself out.

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