Logitech S715i iPod Dock - Small, but Feisty

Finally, a small dock that is loud, but still sounds good.


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Logitech’s latest offering comes in the form of the S715i, an iPod/iPhone dock. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing as when you look at its size, you’ll never be able to tell that it’s capable of belting out such powerful sound. Logitech has actually managed to stuff this speaker with eight drivers to give you some serious aural pleasure.

Design and Features
I really like the way this dock looks. The speaker itself is 15.5-inches wide, 5.25 inches-tall and 2-inches thick and is just the right size with some nice curvy edges to boot. The controls on the front are minimal, with just three buttons for volume and power on/off.

 Logitech S715i iPod Dock - Small, but Feisty

Small, but powerful



The top of the speaker has a cover, which flips out to reveal the dock. The cover is also used as a stand to prop up the speaker. I actually failed to attach the stand properly at first, as it seemed too flimsy to be moved back, and the speaker started moving all over the table because of the vibrations. But I fixed the problem by properly attaching the stand to the back, and it was quite steady after that.
The front of the speaker has 6 drivers, covered in a metal wire-mesh cover. The back has two woofers that produce some pretty booming bass. The back also has a small, removable rubber covering, which opens up to show a power socket and an auxiliary input.
Another noteworthy feature with this dock is the fact that it does away with the stupid plastic adaptors for different iPods/iPhones. Instead, they’ve given the docking area enough space so that just about any iPod can feel right at home.
One thing I did not like about this dock is the remote. It’s really small and cute, but has very limited functions. It has all the regular features of an ordinary remote such as play/pause, track skipping, shuffle and repeat, but you can’t really browse through your iPod with this. It also needs to be aimed straight at the dock, or the controls don’t work. And while I’m on a rant, I might as well point out that I lost the remote more than a couple of times. Yes, it really is that tiny.

The flip down stand secures the dock well

The flip down stand secures the dock well



Another thing I’m sure people will complain about is the lack of features. The S715i does not have radio, and alarm, EQ presets, etc. but do you really need that? I f you want to wake up, use an alarm clock! Besides, most iPods have an inbuilt alarm function anyway. The same goes for EQ presets.
But one more ‘accessory’ I found lame was the carry bag included, which is nothing more than a glorified laundry bag. But then again, it’s just there, and you don’t really have to use it.

I was taken aback by the sheer power that the S715i gives out. It really is hard to believe that such a tiny little thing can be so loud and clear. What really sets this dock apart from other speakers in this price range is the amount of boom that emanates from the woofers at the rear. It really is incredible! But the S715i does start distorting a little when you pump it up all the way. But let me say once more, that all the way up is really loud.  

Tiny remote - could have had more functions

Tiny remote - could have had more functions



One more awesome thing about this dock is that it is rechargeable. So now, you can carry it around with you anywhere you want. The battery is said to last around eight hours, and although I haven’t tested it, I will put up the results as soon as I do. Of course, when you unplug it from the power source, the volume drops pretty drastically, but this is to conserve power.
The S715i is a great dock to buy for keeping around the house, as well as for when you are traveling. At market price of approximately Rs 8,000, some might say it’s a little steep, but I say it's a complete value for money product, considering the supreme sound that comes from it. Sure it has very few features, but at the end of the day, it is what it is – a dock that plays music from your iPod or iPhone. And it seems to do that really well, so if you asked me whether I would buy it, I’d definitely say yes!

The back view with stand, two woofers, auxiliary and power input

The back view with stand, two woofers, auxiliary and power input



I give this product 4 1/2 stars. Half a star has been cut for the remote, which could surely have been better equipped. But let me reiterate by saying that the S715i is indeed a really good dock and will provide you superb value for money if you like your audio crisp, clear and loud.

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Logitech S715i Specifications


Frequency ResponseNo Information
Power Rating (RMS)No Information
Aux Jack3.5
Digital Audio SupportNo Information

Speaker Dimensions

SatellitesNo Information
SubwooferNo Information


WeightNo Information
Warranty2 Years

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