Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile

The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile is a brilliant device from quality to design but you will need deep pockets to buy it.


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Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile

It's refreshing to see another speaker system designed specifically for the mobile world and not dedicated to the iPod. Although one can use most iPod docks with a mobile phone that has a 3.5mm earphone socket a wire would be required of course. However, the Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile is truly designed to be wireless with its Bluetooth capabilities. Here’s what I have to say about its portability, sound quality and the general appeal of the product.

Form Factor
The Pure-Fi Mobile is a very neatly packaged device. It's small, slim, sleek and very easily portable. It’s exactly 27.5 cms in length, 7 cms in height and 2.5 cms in depth, which makes it something that you could possibly slip into your rear pocket like that chick in the Sony Viao TV advertisement. Of course if you happen to be a guy I don’t recommend walking like that. The Pure-Fi Mobile is also quite l ight weight.

Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile

The top portion is the console section that has all the control options. From the beginning -

  1. Call answer – for when it’s connected via Bluetooth to a handset
  2. Call end
  3. Mute microphone
  4. Battery/Charge indicator
  5. Power
  6. Source selector for choosing to connect via Bluetooth, USB or Line In
  7. Surround Sound activation
  8. Volume control keys

On the rear of the device is a USB port for the charger as well as for hook up to a PC to be used as an HID (Human Interface Device) so you can listen to audio while charging the port via USB. The Pure-FI Mobile also comes with spare charger for wall sockets. In the front are the dual microphones for calls and the four Speakers - Dual 2-inch (5.1 cm) active drivers and 2-inch (5.1 cm) pressure drivers.

Like the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, the Mobile also has a set of panels that slide out from the bottom to prop up the unit.

In my opinion, the Pure-Fi Mobile is a really well designed device in terms of ergonomics and overall form factor.

Features and Performance
It’s an extremely easy device to use. The keys are clearly marked so you can do no wrong. All necessary wires including a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable have been included so you can opt to use any other device aside from a mobile phone or PC via Bluetooth or USB respectively. It requires no setting up of any kind. Simply charge the battery and you’re good to go. Again the option for charging via a PC or laptop’s USB port is a great concept and negates having to lug around a charger since it charges via USB and also plays via the same stream.

It’s not hard connecting the device via Bluetooth. Simply keep the Source button pressed till the Bluetooth symbol flashes and pair it with a handset via the Bluetooth menu. You’ll need to use the code supplied with the unit, it’s usually just ‘000’. Once you’re paired you can stream music or answer calls.
Audio quality was brilliant via Bluetooth. The Pure-Fi Mobile really brings out the sound and once again Logitech’s surround feature only enhances the overall experience. The bass is well laid out with a clear thump and the highs are just right without being too bright or shrill. The frequencies remained quite consistent throughout my testing. But Bluetooth does tend to sound really good even via Stereo headphones. Even at peak volume the Pure-Fi Mobile still managed to hold its own without too much distortion in the audio.

When it came to taking calls though, the Unit didn’t deliver as well as I’d hoped. I could very clearly hear the caller but they were having a lot of trouble hearing me initially. But a couple of seconds into the call and I was told the line became a lot clearer with a limited amount of static though. It was the same with calls I made and received during the tests. Initial sound quality for the person online was quite bad but steadily got better after a few seconds. Incoming audio was crystal clear. It seems like the secondary microphone that’s designed for cutting down ambient surrounding sounds didn’t kick in for a couple of seconds.

While the company claims that the unit has a range of 33 feet for Bluetooth you won’t be able to get any reception if you’re further than 26 feet. Music didn’t seem to be a problem till a couple of feet further, but voice clarity had too much static and interference once I was about 25 feet or so away.

You can also plug in any DAP (Digital Audio Player) into the unit via the earphones. The quality of audio output, I noticed, largely depended on the player itself.

9 hours and 25 minutes is the time it took for the battery to die on me after non stop playing. It’s not 12 hours like the company claims again, but I refuse to complain. Its built-in battery is perfect for those quick outings and came in real handy while driving as my car’s stereo is busted. Handsfree for the car too!

Logitech has also included an excellent carry case to keep the unit secure and further make it easy to tote around.

The Bottom Line
Here’s where I got a reality check. This technology and quality comes at quite the price. The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile is available for Rs. 9, 500 (with bill and dealer warranty) in certain places, but the official MRP is Rs. 10, 995. I love the device with all its features but the hefty price tag is quite the deterrent.

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