Logitech iPod Dock - Pure-Fi Anywhere 2

The Anywhere 2 is well designed for portability but we expected more in terms of overall audio quality.


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Logitech iPod Dock - Pure-Fi Anywhere 2

Logitech may be one of the premiere companies when it comes to iPod docks, but only as premium, higher end, luxury devices. The latest is the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2. Yes, the name is rather odd and very long to keep using throughout a review so I’m going to try and avoid it as much as possible. This does however, make its most important feature which is portability, stand out.

Form Factor
I like the look of this Pure-Fi player. It’s slim, sleek and light weight so toting it around is a cinch. To make things even more convenient, Logitech has thrown in an excellent carry case that also has room for the charger (also well designed for portability) and the wireless IR remote. A set of iPod dock converters for all models are also included with the packaging. It also includes those for the iPhone and iTouch.

Logitech iPod Dock - Pure-Fi Anywhere 2

A set of control keys are located on the top but the weirdest thing is that only the Power and Surround keys light up when activated. A battery meter is also placed here, in front of the other keys. The keys themselves were unfortunately not very well customized to touch. They were hard and not always responsive. The remote, though is equipped with all functionality to control the player.

A line-in and the DC charging port are located at the back of the device. The product is so well designed for comfort of portability that to minimize space, two flat stands slip out from under the device so it can stay propped up.

Features and Performance
Straight up, the best part about this dock is that it doesn’t require any external power source. It’s truly built for carrying around and not just leaving on a bedside or table top. Not only does the dock charge its internal battery when connected to a power socket, it also charges any iPod that’s docked with it. This is of course a universal feature across the range of Logitech iPod docks. The full function remote allows you to comfortably control all the relevant features from a distance. I would recommend using the remote more than the built-in buttons as those were not very easy to use and the biggest issue I had with the device.

When it came to performance I noticed the very same thing as I did with all the other docks I’ve tested from Logitech. Even though the overall tone quality was quite well round, the dock would always end up jarring when reaching peak volume. This was the case with music that was recorded on all levels, be it at a 128 or 320 bit rate. Using the EQ on the iPod is not recommended as this would just aggravate the situation.

On the plus side, with the EQ switched off and volume kept at a reasonable decibel level, the overall sound quality that the dock emits is not too bad. The stereo surround effect that can be accessed via the remote or the device gives the audio a fuller and wider sound.

The bass line could have had a tad more thump though, but the higher tones were always just right. In an open room, where listeners happen to be in close quarters, the dock is perfect. It also managed to sound out quite well in a crowded room. It was in a closed environment (our AV labs), that we noticed the distortion in sound when the volume was peaked. If you’re not into hard hitting, loud music, no worries.

What was impressive was the battery life of the Anywhere 2 (I had to use it somewhere, sorry). The company promised a 10 hours playback and it may not have delivered that exact amount, however it did get really close, clocking in at about 9 hours and 10 minutes, which is not too bad.

The Bottom Line
If you can refrain from blasting your music a lot and are quite capable of making sure your audio files are well balanced in terms of quality, the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 is a great dock. I know we say this a lot, in these reviews when applicable but, this dock is not something you can run a party with irrespective of how small the room may be. However, for just casual listening, in lieu of a hardcore speaker set up in a small home, this is quite ideal. The price is approximately Rs. 8, 550 plus taxes with a bill and warranty. You might want to think about that though.

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