InFocus IN76 Hi-Def Projector

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InFocus IN76 Hi-Def Projector

Since high definition technology in general is beginning to make it's mark in the major cities, there are also questions concerning the kind of displays that would be ideal for everyone's respective budgets and requirements. People are going in for HDTVs sized anywhere between 26 to 42 inches depending on their budgets, just so they can experience this boost in resolution in all its glory. But while commercial displays limit out at 56 inches, its the projector that can can give you life-sized imagery, at a comparatively lesser price tag.

Enter the InFocus IN76 high definition projector. What makes it stand out from the regular multimedia projectors is the (obvious) boost in display resolution (720p), and the fact this this one is make for a home theater projection system, that is it's meant to handle fast moving imagery and high frame rates unlike the office projectors that are mainly meant for presentations and corporate displays. You watch this one in action, and you'll know just exactly what I'm talking about.

Build & Features
When you think of projectors, you usually think of unattractive boxy devices that that will probably be hidden away on a mount while you only bother yourself with the projected imagery. But with the IN76, you'll probably discard the mount and keep the projector in a place where everyone can see it. Hiding a projector that looks this good would be a crime.

 InFocus IN76 Hi-Def Projector

The sleek and curvaceous build of the IN76 would make anyone stop and notice. The black shiny finish with the metallic side-plates look elegant and will suit just about any decor.

It comes mounted on a desktop ball-socket stand, which makes pointing the projector in the right direction and angle a lot easier.

The remote goes well with the rest of the unit with its glossy finish. Of course! the glossiness also makes it prone to your fingerprints, so I wonder if that was really a good design decision.
The back of the unit contains all the connectivity options, namely HDMI, SCART, composite, S-Video and DVI.

Setting up the unit was a breeze, with minimal hookups required to run the projector. The only problem we had was with the unconventional DVI input jack, particularly because we received the test model without any connectivity cables. Otherwise standard inputs like SCART and HDMI were obviously as simple as could be.

Navigating the menu would take up the biggest chunk of your time when setting up the unit for the first time. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds, thanks to the simple, speedy and highly functional menu system in the unit.

IN76 supports a native resolution of 1280x720 (720p, 16:9), which is good enough for the technology available in the local markets today. It does support 1080i too for those really into higher resolutions, but I wouldn't advise you stepping beyond the native support in any display device.

The high definition output was absolutely brilliant. With the right configuration, every pixel was clear and crisp as one can imagine. There was a slight blurring of the edges, however, but that didn't seem to affect the overall picture quality. In fact it worked pretty well in reducing film grain from high definition videos, and even in eliminating jagged edges from videogames. PlayStation 3 never looked better!

The color clarity was evident right from the In Focus boot up screen. The reds, greens, yellows, and blues appeared vivid and attractive without giving that burnt out effect that you usually get from home/multimedia projectors. The black levels were pretty good too, thanks to the good 3000:1 contrast ratio. I especially liked the lack of "rainbowy" effect that plagues many DLP projectors.

With the 1000 ANSI Lumens bulb inside the unit, you have enough power to get a gigantic projection size of over 100 inches without losing out on quality. In fact we did a few tests in regular indoor lighting too and were pretty satisfied with the quality of projection from 6 feet.

While the MRP of the InFocus IN76 is Rs. 2,75,000 the actual price would be closer to Rs. 2,00,000, which sounds a lot more fathomable. Obviously a product like this one cannot be recommended to everyone planning to set up a home theater, as the buying cost and the running cost is quite a lot for projectors, especially the high definition ones.

But if you do have enough projection space, distance and the required disposable income, then I would without a doubt recommend the IN76 as the perfect option for the ultimate giant-sized high definition display.

InFocus IN76

Type DLP
1000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio
Native Resolution 1280x720 (HD 720p)
Max Resolution
1920x1080 (HD 1080i)
Color Wheel
6-segment, 6500K color temperature
Weight 4.2 kg
Lamp Type 160/200W
Lamp Life 3000 hrs

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