i.Tech BluePRO Bluetooth Headset

It works extremely well with music but is really bad with calls.


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i.Tech BluePRO Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth, to put it eloquently, kicks ass when it comes to wireless transfer of any information. It's not new technology. It's been around for ages. But the accessories that have been and are being designed for this application are getting bigger and better. Wire-free is the way to be!

To be brutally honest, the BluePRO's design concept is nothing new. It’s like any other headset you'd see anywhere else. But let me elaborate on what it does have that maybe normal headsets don't. Since this is a Bluetooth product that’s designed to be used primarily with A2DP compatible phones, it can also be used to take calls. There's a little mike that slides out from the bottom of the right earpiece.

 i.Tech BluePRO Bluetooth Headset

The right earpiece is also the main control panel for all the functions. It has a remote control for selecting tracks or rewinding and forwarding. There’s also a 3 way scroll located at the bottom ridge of the right earpiece that can be used for increasing and decreasing the volume and the same wheel also doubles as a button for playing and pausing music.

A little above the volume scroll wheel on the same edge is a dual LED (blue and red) with a multifunction button or MFB. I’m not sure why it’s called that really since it seems to serve just a singular function of activating and pairing the device with another. The left earpiece houses the singular double ‘A’ battery pack.

The whole headset isn’t heavy at all at just 200g with dimensions of 165 x 56 x 208 mm and with its soft ear cushions it’s extremely comfortable to wear even for long durations. The earpieces swivel so it makes it a bit easier to carry.
Set up and Functioning

It’s extremely easy to set up. All you need to do is activate the Bluetooth receiver on your device and search for other devices. From the BluePRO you need to keep the MFB pressed for about 3 seconds till the LED turns blue and you hear a short beep in the headset. Keeping the MFB pressed for a few seconds more will activate the pairing mode and the LED will flash blue and red. Simply find the headset on your mobile and pair it by inserting the code provided. That’s pretty much it.

What’s also included with the kit is a CD that contains a mobile music player (i.Tech Blue Player .sis file) that also emulates stereo Bluetooth on your non A2DP compliant Nokia mobile. Of course you can’t expect too much quality-wise but nevertheless it does work. You can connect it to your PC as well (via Bluetooth) and use it that way too if you like to listen to music or watch a movie. It could also be used for chatting on Skype.

The sound quality is quite exceptional when it came to listening to music. The output in terms of volume and quality both, is simply great. I quite enjoyed using it for music or while watching videos on the mobile or PC. It worked just fine with the Nokia E90 and the 5700. The range is good too. If you’re in a large room with not too many obstacles in your path, this can easily work up to an approximate distance of about 6-7 meters.

I’m afraid the voice clarity when it came to using it to make and take calls lacks a lot. The voice comes in too low and hollow. Although you can hear everything I expected a whole lot more considering the quality I got when listening to music. What will happen is the person on the other end will probably think you’re calling from a box. So I guess what it lacks in use as a headset for your mobile phone, it makes up drastically as a normal wireless headset for music.

The BluePRO really manages to squeeze every last drop of battery juice from the singular cell. It does manage to live up to its 20 hour battery life. Well not 20 hours to be accurate but 19 hours and change is still pretty good.

The Bottom Line
It’s a great product for the sheer comfort that I.Tech has incorporated into the BluePRO as well as the fantastic music quality. But I would not recommend you to buy this to use for making calls it does not do so well in that category. You could of course use it for your PC but then again I’m not sure I’d spend Rs. 6000 (street price) on a pair of headphones, meant for my mobile phone but not serving that specific purpose so well, even if it does have a great battery life.

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