Heavy Rain

A game that's so immersive you will dread the pause button in fear of being dropped back into mundane reality!


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Heavy Rain

Try to remember the best mystery movie you’ve watched till date. Now, try picturing yourself playing the role of every single lead character in the movie and influencing every decision they take, every action they perform so much so that you are in control of the movie while still in it. Picture being able to see the fear in the eyes of the criminal as he begs for mercy as you decide whether or not he deserves to go on living while the rising orchestral score soaks into your brain. Now picture that movie being a thousand times more immersive... and you start getting a rough picture of Quantic Dream’s masterpiece that is Heavy Rain!

Many out there say this game is nothing but an extended cutscene littered with quick time events and is no real "game". True, the game doesn’t have you jump, cover, shoot, stab, eat mushroom but this game is more of a game than any other out there. The developers have taken a very risky idea and transformed it into a phenomenal and atmospheric game that must not be missed!

 Heavy Rain

It’s hard to talk about the game’s story without giving away key plot elements so I’ll just talk about the outline. The game revolves around the hunt for a serial killer known only as the "Origami Killer" who kidnaps children and murders them. At any given time, you will be playing as one of four characters:

  • Ethan mars – victim
  • Madison paige – photographer who befriends Ethan.
  • Norman jayden – FBI criminal profiler sent to help local police apprehend the killer.
  • Scott Shelby – private detective investigating the murders

The game play is limited to walking around and interacting with people or objects and quick time events. Just as promised, every major decision you make in the game will constantly tweak the storyline. Characters who you piss off will remain pissed off till the end and bad decisions will come back to bite you! As opposed to other games having a morality system, where you end the game as either a hero of the masses or satan incarnate, Heavy Rain takes a much more down to earth approach with its decisions system. Not all choices you get are simple good or bad choices and many fall well within the gray area. The game gives you so many ways of proceeding with given situations that at many times it will leave you wondering, “if I were in this situation, would I give the hobo in my path money, try running past him and risk tripping, stop running or shoot him in the face?” This exposes your character as being a very normal person just like you

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