Fujitsu Lifebook S760 ultra-portable laptop

This laptop is light in weight, it's powerful and it means business.


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Fujitsu Lifebook S760 ultra-portable laptop

Powerful processing from ultra-portable laptops is becoming a trend these days, especially after Intel’s introduction of its new series of Core processors. Since, these laptops feature powerful hardware, and weigh much less than a couple of kilos, they are ideal for travelers and business personnel alike. The Fujitsu Lifebook S760, which belongs to Fujitsu’s new line of 3G-ready Lifebooks, is a fine example. It’s powerful and sports elegant looks, which will lure people who prefer a no-nonsense design.

 Fujitsu Lifebook S760 ultra-portable laptop

Design and build quality
While the good performance of this laptop is owed to its hardware, its excellent ergonomics and build quality, and light weight are its biggest assets. It is comfortable to use, it’s slim and weighs merely 1.66 Kg. So we’d say that it’s an ideal pick for people who travel extensively. The entire body has a matte finish with a combination of black, grey and white. Push the button to release the lid from its latch and you’ll notice a few things that are rather different from other laptops.
While the lid and the screen frame are black, the textured wrist rest is light-grey (perhaps a darker tone would’ve looked more suave) and the keyboard is white. The screen has a matte finish, which is becoming increasingly uncommon in laptops these days. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about glares and reflections from the screen, with this laptop. Though light and slim, the machine is quite rugged overall. Above all, the unconventional color-scheme and overall design are minimalist and elegant.

Ergonomically, what impressed us most was the keyboard, it is very comfortable to use because of its well-sized keys. While the Enter and Shift keys are of regular size, the former is shaped as it used to be in older desktop keyboards, as a flipped and inverted ‘L’, which makes it even more comfortable to use. Another differentiating factor is the dedicated round scroll zone, on which you move your finger in a circular motion, as opposed to vertical. All-in-all, this laptop offers the size, weight and form factor of an ultra-portable laptop but the performance of a desktop replacement, thanks to the processor and ample RAM.

At the first glance, this laptop comes across as a Plain Jane machine with no extra-ordinary features. Yes, it is sober, but it has features that target a specific audience, that would be businessmen and professionals. A good business laptop should be light, it should perform well, offer security options such as a finger-print access control and one-touch locking system, a screen that doesn’t hurt the eyes, necessary connectivity options and good battery backup. This laptop has all these features, except for good battery backup.
Built around an Intel HM57 chipset and powered by a Intel Core i7 M620 (dual-core) processor, it has 4 GB RAM and a 320 GB hard drive (equipped with a shock-sensing utility). While the hard drive suffices for storing office documents and essential office tools, there’s ample room to throw in some multimedia content too. However, don’t expect to play HD movies, or run GPU–intensive tasks, as the laptop uses Intel’s onboard GPU—though a discrete graphics chip would’ve added value. The 13.3-inch screen has a native resolution of 1366x768, which is common to most laptops, suffices for the intended purpose. Here’s something utilitarian; above the keyboard, you’ll find a row of five physical quick-launch buttons, which you can use to lock the laptop at the push of a button, launch the Windows Mobility Center, and quick-launch Fujitsu’s proprietary applications like Wireless Selector, Fujitsu LaunchCenter and Power Saving Utility.

Other features include 3 USB, an HDMI and a VGA port, a memory card reader, audio jacks, a webcam and a detachable DVD-writer. Now, apart from the standard connectivity options like gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi N and Bluetooth, there’s a SIM card slot in the battery compartment for 3G connectivity.
The processor used in this laptop is same as the one used in the Sony Vaio Z, but the Vaio Z had double the amount of RAM, it featured SSDs and powerful discrete graphics, so it ought to perform better. Nevertheless, when it comes to number-crunching, the Lifebook S760 doesn’t shy away. So you can seamlessly run high-end applications on this laptop, especially those that require more of CPU power such as audio/video encoding and such.

If you see the results, there isn’t anything to complain about performance, except that the 3 hours 21 minutes of battery runtime, under medium load, didn’t impress us. But, Fujitsu’s built-in Power Saving utility will make power-management easier.

The bottom line
Keeping all the factors in mind, especially the modest feature set, at Rs.1,02,500, we’d say this laptop is overpriced. There are better options available out there. So unless you really like the look of it, which is different from other laptops, there’s little reason for you to rave over this laptop.


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 316 x 35 x 225 mm
  • Weight: 1.66 Kg
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 M620, 2.67 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR3
  • Hard disk: 320 GB
  • Screen size: 13.3-inch
  • Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi N and Bluetooth.

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