Evidson Audiosport W6 review: A good earphone mired by its design

We take a look at the Evidson Audiosport W6 which is priced under Rs 1500


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Evidson? Err…Harley (D)Evidson? A brand none of us have ever heard of but nevertheless intrigued us. After digging a little, we came to know this is a Chennai-based brand that is run by a group of audio enthusiasts. We are always suckers for trying out new brands that are trying to place themselves in the audio world. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, Xander Audios comes to mind.

Build and Design: 6.5/10
This is a sturdily built earphone made entirely of plastic. The unique over-and-behind the ear shape is aimed at sports enthusiasts who prefer the earphones to stay in place. However, unlike the Sennheiser PMX 686G sports earphones which we’ve reviewed before, these earphones aren’t water resistant nor washable. These earphones are good on-the-move design but not particularly good for vigorous sports activities.

 Evidson Audiosport W6 review: A good earphone mired by its design

The sports style earphones are specifically angled and bent


The unique shape lends itself to sit in the ears without the fear of falling off

The cord is well designed as it doesn’t introduce any cord noise when moving which is a big plus. The 3.5mm jack is interestingly shaped at an angle rather than straight or flat. Sci-fi fans would agree, this does remind one of Star Trek TOS phasers.


Evidson designer must be Star Trek fans

The package comes with a good assortment of ear tips all the way from small to Triple-flanged ear tips.


That’s quite the assortment of eartips

Spot something odd though? One of the large triple-flanged sizes is missing. There are three of the same mid-size ones. Someone at the factory has been slacking off.


Where’s my pouch?
Among other things, on the box it says the package contains a pouch, I was expecting something nice to put the earphones in but all that I got was a plastic zip-lock bag. That doesn’t qualify for a pouch or did someone forget to put something inside? Mind you this is from a sealed retail pack and not a review piece.


Performance: 6/10

We tested Evidson Audiosport W6 with our Android phone and Windows PC attached to the FiiO Q1 DAC + Amp. All enhancements were turned off unless specified below.

The sound of Evidson W6 is good. The earphones are clear, have an open sound and the sound stage is wide, you won’t feel the sound is coming right from the front of earphones.

The sound is quite neutral, the W6 doesn’t tilt towards any particular sound frequency. The highs are good though a bit sibilant, you’ll tend to hear “hiss” in the upper frequency; which is fine most of the time, though it does tend to tire the ear especially with heavy metal or techno/trance tracks.

If you get the seal right between your ears, the mids come out strong, the vocals sound good, the drums are sharp but lack a bit of body. While the bass is tight, it is lean, you’ll need the bass pumped up in the EQ to get a full-bodied sound out of them. This might not be the case for everyone as it does depend on the seal that ear tips create. More on this below…

Weird fitting
For me, the fitting of the earphones just wasn’t right. No matter what I tried, different sized ear tips, fiddling with how I wore them, ear tips from a different earphone, nothing created the right seal for my ears which is rather disappointing. I had to resort to a weird angle to insert the earphones and many-a-times had to hold the earphone in place to create the right seal for the bass to shine. Though your mileage will vary.

Interestingly, at first I convinced myself that it must be just my ears, so I tested this out with others for a second opinion and surprisingly they all said the earphones sounded tinny and lacked bass. When asked about the fitting and pushing the earphones further into the ear made a difference, it was a resounding “Yes” but not a marked improvement and neither was anyone comfortable with the fiddling to achieve proper sound. This is, unfortunately, disappointing.

Call Quality: 8/10
The call quality is good. You can hear the caller loud and clear without any issues with or without proper fitting issues. On the opposite end, there was no complaint with sound, my voice could be heard well to the caller on the other side.

Verdict and Price in India
I would like to say that Evidson Audiosport W6 are definitely recommended, but they aren’t. The earphones are good and for the price of under Rs 1,000 (street price), this does make a good buy but provided the fitting is right. I can forgive the packaging mistake but certainly, the bad fitting by itself makes this a terrible buy. However, fitting is something that is very personal (despite my small sample group), you may have a totally different experience depending on your ears. Unfortunately, there is no way you can buy this online or in a store to test out before buying and none of the retail stores nor e-commerce stores will accept returns.

Having said that I urge Evidson to look into the packaging part and make earphones with regular styling shape rather the sports design while keeping the sound signature the same and I can bet the earphones would be a definite buy for most consumers. Perhaps their Audiowear V5 earphones are the answer, we don’t know yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

Comparing this with Cowon EM1’s reviewed before, the EM1’s with mic cost just as much and sound just as good without being tinny. I personally found the fitting of EM1’s much better, comfortable, the bass a lot deeper and minus any sibilance issues.

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Evidson Audio Sport W6 Specifications


Wearing StyleCanal phones
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Sound Pressure118dB


Warranty1 Year

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