EGO Waterproof Sound Case for Your iPod

The EGO case for your iPod isn't just waterproof - it's also shatterproof and transparent.


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EGO Waterproof Sound Case for Your iPod

If you justifiably expect to be able to take your music with you wherever you go, why not go skinny-dipping with your favorite tunes as well?

You might remember that I had done a feature on Oddball iPod Docks some time ago. I happened to include a product called the EGO, which happened to be a waterproof dock – and lo and behold, my gung-ho coordinator Rajesh went out and got me one to test for real.

And test it I did. Prepare to get your feet wet.

Form Factor
The dock looks cool as it is. With a fully transparent, shatterproof body, the crystal EGO waterproof case by Atlantic is great for watching a movie on your iPod or listening to music in the pool.

That’s right, I said in the pool. It is a bit heavy, weighing in at around 2.5 pounds, but toss it in while having a swim and it’ll float – even if you don't.

EGO Waterproof Sound Case for Your iPod

The device has a compartment in the center for the iPod, with a 3.5mm pin to hook it up to the speakers. Simply close the front flap over the iPod, latch the clasp on the top, and you’re good to go.

All the settings can be controlled using the rubber fitting located on the flap. The EGO case also has its own power source – it runs on 4 AA batteries. The volume and power keys are located between the left speakers, and a small blue LED indicates that the unit is powered on.

The four corners of the unit have rubberized edges, so even you drop it on the floor by accident the impact should be cushioned. Frankly I did not want to risk testing it, but I did try it. The result? Not a scratch on the case. As for my iPod, I had taken the precaution of removing it before the experiment!

Oh, and the stand at the back allows you to prop it up easily if on your tabletop if necessary.

As I explained, it’s extremely easy to set up. In fact there really isn’t any setup at all. The volume is pretty loud in a closed room but not too great outdoors. But throw it in a pool and it’s a different story altogether. It must be the acoustics created by all that water.

Of course, we did test how waterproof the case really is by dunking it in a bucket of water while it was switched on. I’m no Aquaman, but it was working just fine underwater as far I could tell from feeling the speaker vibrations.

The speakers themselves have a rubberized coating and are totally airtight. The space between the speakers also works as a sort of bass chamber.

The quality of music generated is quite good, with a soft thump for the bass. The highs come out quite well too. The lows may not be too great compared to some other docks, but I presume the water would compensate.

Not only is the EGO waterproof dock a great way to keep your iPod dry, it can also double as an all-weather case. Since it’s airtight, you can take it to the beach without worrying about sand or salt messing up the controls. It even comes with a strap and a carry case for easy portability.

The EGO waterproof sound case is compatible with any and all audio players that can fit inside the compartment and allow the flap to shut and sealed completely. Of course, iPods can be controlled from the outside, whereas other players may not offer the same option.

Nevertheless, so long as you have playlists created, you could simply place the device in the compartment and hook it up through the earphones. With the 4AA batteries you can get up to 25 hours of music.

The Bottom Line
Priced at around Rs. 5,500, the dock may seem a bit expensive. To be brutally honest, it’s not very loud in open areas or when it’s not in the water.

However, if you have a small room or you’re an avid swimmer (and your club allows you to toss this in the pool for entertainment), go for it. Or think of it as all-weather protection for your iPod if you’re the outdoorsy type who likes to take music with you wherever you go.

Hey, you could use it in the shower too. Your family can't complain about your woefully off-key bathroom singing anymore. Just treat them to the real thing!

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