EAFT Destiny D90T Review

The Destiny D90T from EAFT Technologies sports a dual-core processor and features a 9.7-inch display. Check out what it has to offer to its consumers.


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There are many manufacturers releasing dual-core tablets on a low budget; most of them differ in terms of display sizes and types, processor speeds and internal storage space. Here is another entrant in the market, the Destiny D90T from EAFT Technologies, which sports a dual-core processor and features a 9.7-inch display. Check out what it has to offer to its consumers. 


Design and build

As we all know and must admit, the iPad is the most successful tablet out there. Budget Android tablet manufacturers are trying their level best to match the iPad’s looks, form factor and performance, but are not managing to get any closer. The EAFT Destiny D90T looks a bit like the iPad from the front due to the black bordered display with a 4:3 ratio. It has a dual-tone exterior with a matte finish metal rear panel. The chassis is made of plastic in silver while the rear metal panel has a black powder-coated finish. Only a camera and a flash is visible on the rear. The interfaces such as the mini HDMI, microSD card slot and the micro USB PC interface are placed on the right side. Also available here is the volume rocker, a mono speaker, headphone jack and the power socket. The power/standby button is placed on the top. The D90T measures 241 mm in width, 190 mm in height and 9.5 mm in thickness, and weighs a hefty 609 grams. 

 EAFT Destiny D90T Review

9.7-inch IPS display, 1024 x 768 pixels




The D90T runs on Android ICS operating system powered by a dual-core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.6GHz. The graphics processor is MALI-400 and the total RAM provided to the system is 1GB. The internal storage supplied is 8GB, of which 5.6GB is available as user storage while the rest is utilised by the system. The display featured here is a 9.7-inch IPS panel sporting a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The IPS panel can recognise up to 10 touch input points simultaneously. The cameras present on the rear and front are both of 2 MP resolution with an LED flash present on the rear. Connectivity options are Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, 3G via dongle, micro USB PC interface and mini HDMI. The entire tablet is fuelled by two 4000 mAh batteries connected internally in series as a single large 8000 mAh battery. 

Metal rear panel with 2 MP camera and an LED flash

Metal rear panel with 2MP camera and an LED flash




A benchmark test is standard procedure for all devices we review. So we ran our battery of benchmarking apps on the tablet to find out the synthetic scores and match the tablet with others in the similar segment. The scores help in analysing the approximate performance of the device. AnTuTu scored 11357, Quadrant scored 3966 while NenaMark2 scored 56.1 fps. Linpack scored 42 MFLOPS and 77 MFLOPS in single-thread and multi-thread tests respectively. Based on the performance test outputs, we matched these scores with other budget tablets with similar specifications and found that this tablet performed well.

Volume, mini HDMI, micro USB, micro SD card slot, audio out and charging port on the right

Volume, mini HDMI, microUSB, microSD card slot, audio out and charging port on the right


User interface

The D90T has a standard Android ICS user interface with the stock launcher. The UI is very smooth and we did not encounter any glitches till the time we were using it or testing it. The system does not tend to slow down or get sluggish at any given time. Yes, we did notice that after around 10 minutes of browsing the Internet using the wireless network, the tablet tended to heat up slightly from the rear. But this is not much of a concern as the tablet is designed to dissipate the excess heat using the metal rear panel. 

Power / Standby on the top

Power/Standby on the top



EAFT has bundled a very limited amount of free apps, which is beneficial for the user to save on internal storage space for additional user apps. Evernote, Photobooth, Dropbox, WorldSpace and a file explorer are the five apps thrown in. Out of all the free apps, WorldSpace is a great app for those interested in music; it's a streaming radio app that is free for use for the first six months. Tune in to your favourite music from a choice of 12 non-stop radio channels with the genre of your choice. After the trial period is over, you can opt to subscribe to the monthly packages online.

Standard ICS user interface and stock launcher

Standard ICS user interface and stock launcher



Display and media 

The 9.7-inch display featured here is a 1024 x 768 pixel IPS panel. The colours are rich and the viewing angle is great. The brightness and contrast levels are also good, but we did find something amiss. The tablet does not feature a light sensor. However, the user interface has an option for automatic brightness. This makes it a bit difficult for those reading e-books or browsing the Internet during travelling, as the display is not quite visible in broad daylight. You have to go back to the settings in the control panel to increase the brightness. Apart from this issue, we did not find any issues with the display area. 

Minimal apps are pre-installed by the manufacturer.

Minimal apps are pre-installed by the manufacturer



Playback of videos is almost flawless on the D90T. We threw in a number of videos ranging from standard to full high definition ones and the tablet played each one without a hiccup. The only issue was with the 4:3 aspect ratio of the display panel. Videos and movies with 16:9 or 16:10 ratio takes up a smaller area with two large black bands on the top and bottom of the screen. This is a complete waste of a good quality display real estate while enjoying your favourite flicks. 


The audio quality on the single mono speaker is very clear and loud. This makes video watching a great experience for a small crowd. The bundled earphones are very loud and also sport good audio quality, but the build quality is not up to the mark. 

The guts are neatly assembled inside the chassis

The guts of the EAFT Destiny D90T 



Battery life

We usually test the battery life of tablets using two methods. One is by running a continuous video loop, which simulates complete entertainment mode. In this test, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are switched off, the brightness is kept at 75 percent and the volume is turned up to 100 percent usng the bundled earphones. This test gave us a whopping 8 hours and 15 minutes. The second test is very casual where we use the tablet as a standard device in everyday life. The usage here involves movie playback, some music streaming, YouTube videos for a while, browsing for a prolonged period, a few games and sleep mode. The tablet managed to give us a little less than 6 hours this time. The reason would be excess power usage by Wi-Fi during streaming and browsing, and by the graphics processor during gaming. Overall, an impressive battery performance from the D90T.

The D90T is powered by a Rockchip chipset featuring a 1.6 GHz dual core processor

The D90T is powered by a Rockchip chipset featuring a 1.6GHz dual core processor



Verdict and Price in India

To sum up the whole experience, the EAFT Destiny D90T is a good tablet on all fronts. Build and design, performance, battery life and the user interface were all impressive. The MRP of the D90T is around Rs 16,990, but it is available for an offer price of Rs 14,990. Considering the performance of the dual-core processor and the IPS display, we would recommend this tablet for those who intend to use it for surfing the Internet or reading eBooks while on a journey or at home. Though the tablet can be used for high-definition video entertainment, the odd 4:3 ratio screen is a waste due to the black bars on the top and bottom. Overall, the D90T is a great tablet with a decent performance. However, with a few quad-core processor-based budget Android tablets within the same budget already capturing the market, EAFT would have to rework the final price.

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EAFT Destiny D90T Specifications

9.7\" with IPS panel: Just the right aspect ratio the 9.7\" IPS display offers the best ratio for landscape or portrait viewing and is the ideal size for viewing content, be it reading books or watching videos. 10 point multitouch: Extreme multi-touch the D90T supports 10 point multi-touch. play the piano on your tablet or play extreme games right from your tablet! HDMI port: All the right accessories connect your movie to a large screen TV through HDMI to watch Full HD. extend your external storage up to 32 Gb, connect with others via bluetooth. access WiFi anywhere. Bluetooth,WiFi & 3G: Connect from anywhere stay connected to the web always through 3G external USB, WiFi and bluetooth. Cortex A9 processor: Performace the cortex A9 Dual Core processor at 1.6GHz along with the mali 400MHz GPU simplifies multitasking and provides the best combination for smooth handling of multimedia and rendering. Bundled application: Bundled applications take control of your life with the best combination of productivity and entertainment apps. dowload additional apps from soc.IO mall and play market. Personal Radio: Stay entertained The first only table to offer Personal Radio over IP. Also download the best of songs and videos from EAFT App store. Long Lasting Battery: Long Lasting the 8000mAh battery ensures that there is enough power to get through all the tasks in a given day.


Screen Size9.7
Screen Resolution (pixels)1024 x 768
Screen TypeHD IPS Glass 10 point multi-touch


Internal Storage1GB DDR3 RAM
Upgradeable Upto32GB


Resolution (pixels)1600 x 1200
Front facing camera2MP




WiFi (802.11b/g/n)802.11 b/g/n


Version4.0.4 - ICS


GPUmali 400
ProcessorCortex A9 1.6GHz Dual Core




Weight (g)609

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