Dell Inspiron 620s Desktop PC Review

One always seems to be undecided on the options to consider before setting out to buy a PC.


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Inspiron 620S- U260512IN8

One always seems to be undecided on the options to consider before setting out to buy a PC. While assembling your own PC may have its own merits, one would have to do a bit of searching to configure their own rig. Manufacturers such as Lenovo, Acer, HCL, Dell, among others have all successfully launched their desktop PCs in the market. One of the world’s most well known PC manufacturers, Dell launched the Dell Inspiron 620s desktop PC, which features Intel’s 2nd Generation Core processors, HD multimedia capabilities, and dressed in a range of colours.

 Dell Inspiron 620s Desktop PC Review

This tower can be placed on its side


Design and Build Quality
The Dell Inspiron 620s follows up from a previous release from Dell, which had the same name - 620s. The rehashed version of the 620s desktop comes with a slimmer form factor. That being said, only the tower is slimmer, as compared to its predecessor. The new version comes bundled up with a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

The front panel of the cabinet of the 620s is finished in glossy black with silver border. Style and class is what Dell have gone with while manufacturing this OEM PC. Quick access connectors like USB ports, audio and mic jacks along with a memory card reader are all located in a bay on the front right of the cabinet. To left of it lies an optical drive. Unlike the previous model of the 620s, Dell has positioned the optical drive vertically to maintain the slim design. The connectors are located in the bay to the right of the optical drive and the bay can be opened by pushing a button located on top of it. With the review piece that we received, we noticed that the USB ports were a bit narrow and trying to insert a drive in them became quite a task. The cabinet can be placed sideways, so it can rest on four rubberized legs located along the four corners. This makes a lot of sense as it helps in further reducing the amount of space taken. Other connections are located at the back. These include an HDMI port, six USB 2.0 ports, an ethernet port, VGA port and audio connectors.

simple but stylish keyboard

Simple, but a stylish keyboard


The bundled up monitor that comes along with this OEM PC is a Dell In1920 HD monitor. The monitor on a whole, seemed quite sturdy, but we had a problem with the stand. The stand was a bit wobbly and this was a bit annoying, even though the display was attached well. The keyboard and mouse that came with this review unit were well-built and we faced no issues with it, whatsoever.

The mouse feels comfortable to use

The mouse feels comfortable to use


The Dell 620s is stylish, yet simple in design. This PC will definitely not win any beauty contests, but it is not the ugliest looking desktop in the market. Apart from the monitor wobbling and the issue we faced with the USB ports in the front, the overall build quality of this PC was good.

Dell gives customers the options to customize their 620s, according to what PC components they want to figure inside. The review unit we received comes with a Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB of storage space, 6GB RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 6450 1GB discrete graphics card. Those are pretty power packed features for a readymade desktop, right there.

Finished in glossy black

Glossy black finish


The highlighted feature of this PC is the 2nd Generation Core processor and other features such as HDMI, USB, DVD Writer etc. are common and found on the most basic PCs. The 620s comes with a Windows 7 Home Basic operating software and the set up process is straightforward. One does not require to call a technician to help them assemble this PC, as it is good to go straight out of the box. Included, alongwith this is a McAfee anti-virus software that lasts for 15 months. This is a good inclusion as one need not purchase a separate antivirus.

Plenty of connectivity options at the back

Plenty of connectivity options at the back


These desktops can be custom-built to suit one’s budget and the cabinets also come in different colors. The monitor that comes with this PC is an 18.5-inch In1920, which has a native resolution of 1366 x 768. It has HD playback capabilities, but it is limited to 720p and not the more common resolution found these days, which is 1080p. This computer also has an 8-in-1 card reader located neatly in the front and one can easily swap memory cards because of its convenient location.

This PC is not designed for hardcore gamers, but instead for those who are looking for a mainstream rig, which is capable of handling a fair amount of gaming, HD video playback, Internet and documentation. We ran some tests to determine the performances of the 620s. While the performances cannot match up to a gaming rig, one can easily perform design applications, as well as video encoding. Rest assured, this PC will perform well without any hassles.

PCMark Vantage scores

PCMark Vantage scores



The native resolution supported by this PC is 1366 x 768 and we tested games using this resolution, but with higher settings. Far Cry 2 recorded an average fps of 19.4, while the newer Resident Evil scored an average of 25.5 fps.




Watching videos with a resolution of 720p was really good and the video rendered well. There were no lapses, whatsoever and the overall movie viewing experience from this setup was enthralling. The mouse and keyboard are very responsive and no issues were noticed. Overall, we were quite pleased with the performances of this PC.

A desktop with a slim tower

A desktop with a slim tower


The Dell Inspiron 620s is priced at Rs.43,140. Dell is targeting this PC at those who want a PC for everyday desktop apps, HD movies and light gaming. If someone is currently looking for a PC, which is small in size and also on a limited budget, the 620s should be considered.

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Dell Inspiron 620S- U260512IN8 Specifications


ProcessorIntel Core i5-2310


ChipsetNo Information


Display SizeNo Information


KeyboardStandard Keyboard
MouseStandard Mouse

After Sales Service

Warranty Period1

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