Corsair Vengeance 1300 Review

Good quality headphones are essential for hardcore gamers, whether it’s curiously listening to in game audio ...


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Vengeance 1300

Good quality headphones are essential for hardcore gamers, whether it’s curiously listening to in game audio or whether it’s shouting commands to your teammates. Gaming headphones follow a different vertical in terms of performance, as compared to music headphones with relatively sharper sounds. Computer peripherals and hardware manufacturers, Corsair have come up with their new Vengeance 1300 gaming headphones. Let’s see if they’re worth the bucks.

 Corsair Vengeance 1300 Review

Good design, but comfortable?



Design and Build Quality

The Vengeance 1300 headphones come in a complete back casing with a blue rim running along the pads. The cable is black in colour and they feel quite sturdy giving a feeling that they’re not going to snap too easily. The cable is quite long at a length of three metres and the singular cable splits into the mic and 3.5mm jack towards the end. The headphones have a volume rocker and mic toggle button mid-way along the wires. With the foam covering, the headphones do fit snugly onto your head. Also, the microphone quietly slips into the frame, when not required, and doesn’t become an irritant. A lot of plastics have been involved in the design of these headphones, but everything has been put together neatly and the headphones give off a sturdy look.


On wearing them, however, they have more of a clamped feel to themselves and over a small period of time, you’ll find them pressing into your ears, unless the frame of your head is relatively larger. The area below one’s ears is quite sensitive and we found that the headphones would press into them quite often. In terms of wearability, we wouldn’t rate them too high, but again, that’s more of a personal opinion.

The Corsair Vengeance 1300 Gaming headphones

Sturdy and long cables




Like the Creative Sound Blasters we reviewed earlier, the Corsair Vengeance comes with 50mm headphone drivers. They’ve got an uni-directional noise cancelling condensor microphone with a frequency response of 100Hz to 10KHz and come with a standard impedance of 32 ohms. They have a wide adjustment band for different head sizes. 

The mic and volume rocker pad

The mic and volume rocker pad




Sounds via gaming headphones don’t have a flat frequency response generally, and the Vengeance 1300’s follows that routine. The mid tones aren’t as prominent as they generally ought to be and the overall effect has a more mellow tone to itself. The bass and treble are a tad higher than normal and the treble has some shrill and a dusty feel giving the sound a somewhat hollow tone. Naturally, what this indicates is that detailing will be a bit off for the mid tones, while it’ll be more crunchier towards the ends. The bass has a nice thump to it, but the guitars and pianos will sound fairly average, owing to the unbalanced frequency response of these headphones.


Even though they aren’t noise cancellation headphones, per se, they do eliminate a good amount of surrounding noise. They’re quite loud, but sound leakage is quite apparent, even at lower volumes.

Perform fairly well

Perform fairly well




The Vengeance 1300 headphones are priced at Rs.3,000. They’re primarily gaming headphones and aren’t targeted at music lovers or audiophiles. They’re stylish and the performance decently, but we weren’t particularly impressed with the comfort and fit, and we’d recommend you try them on a couple of times before settling for a pair. 

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Corsair Vengeance 1300 Specifications


Wearing StyleOn Ear
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Sound Pressure95dB
WeightNo Information


Carry CaseNo Information
Warranty2 Year

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