Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd review: Retrograde design in an otherwise decent package


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If you like bass, you’re on a budget and, for whatever reason, you don’t want a mic or remote, you’ve found the set you’re looking for.

Beyerdynamic is a 100-year old audio products company that has built up quite a reputation for itself over the decades, especially among audiophiles (self-proclaimed or otherwise). As a fan of the company’s products myself, I was quite intrigued when Beyerdynamic offered to send a review unit of the Beat Byrd. Unlike most audiophile gear, this is an entry-level set of earphones that retail for a mere Rs 2,199.

But are they any good? Did Beyerdynamic somehow manage to squeeze in audiophile quality in a set this cheap? Well, they do sound good, after a fashion, but compromises had to be made.

Build and design is best described as functional rather than premium. The earpiece housing is made of plastic, the ear tips of silicon and the cable is rubber coated. The ear tips, at least, are very comfortable for long term listening.

The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd might be cheap, but it's very comfortable to use.

The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd might feel cheap, but at least it fits comfortably.

Speaking of design, one surprising thing I noticed was that the cables don’t get tangled easily. This is something that even expensive sets with braided cables struggle with.

I’ll get to audio quality in a bit, but the one thing that immediately rubbed me the wrong way was the lack of a remote or mic on the Byrd. It’s 2019, everyone listens to music on their phones and I don’t think there’s one person out there who would rather not have a mic/remote on wired earphones. It’s not like this is some fancy, high-grade audiophile set that can’t do without DACs and amps, it’s a budget set with a short cable that will not be used with anything but a phone. Earphones and headsets at half the price include some sort of mic/remote.

Why should I, or anyone for that matter, have to pull out their phones every time they want to change the volume or a track? Worse still, if you get a call, you must unplug the set from the phone and your ear to answer it, making it especially frustrating to use on a commute. This is such a retrograde decision that for this reason alone I cannot recommend this set to anyone.

While sound quality is great, the build quality is tolerable and there's no mic.

While sound quality is great, the build quality is tolerable and there's no mic.

If you don’t care about the lack of a remote/mic, the Byrd’s audio quality is quite nice. It’s a bit too bass heavy for my taste, but the bass did have more depth than I expected. To my ears, the bass is a tad overpowering and encroaches into the mid-range and the highs are a bit too shrill. That being said, the audio quality isn't that bad and is better than that of most cheap sets I've tried. The problem is that for Rs 2,200, you have sets like the 1more Single Driver, which sound better, are better built and include a mic/remote.

Bottom line: If you like bass, you’re on a budget and, for whatever reason, you don’t want a mic or remote, you’ve found the set you’re looking for. Everyone else can simply pick up a 1more Single Driver or OnePlus Bullets V2.

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The dynamic Beat BYRD in-ear headphones are ideal for the entry into the beyerdynamic in-ear family. They feature a robust design. The high sound pressure level and good ambient noise attenuation ensure a powerful and balanced sound. The in-ear headphones are suitable to connect to all portable devices with a mini jack socket (3.5 mm) such as notebooks, tablets, computers or smartphones. The closed design prevents music from penetrating to the outside and ambient noise from penetrating to the inside. The ergonomic design and the supplied selection of three pairs of silicone eartips in various sizes ensure a comfortable and secure fit in the ear.


Wearing Style In Ear
Frequency Response 15-21000 Hz
Sound Pressure 104dB
Jack 3.5
Weight 5 grams


Warranty 1 Year

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