Zuckerberg's stare borders from psychopathic to sexist; Facebook ex-employee

But this isn't the first time, and in the past, we've heard how the glam and glittery Facebook just fades off from within.

Over the weekend, we heard how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's lesser-known Pinterest and Twitter accounts were hacked. While that was a bad enough start for the week, there's another tell-all book called "Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley" giving more scoop about the company culture at the world's biggest social network. But this isn't the first time this has happened and in the past, we've heard how the glam and glitter of Facebook just fades off from within.

His stare 'borders on the psychopathic'

For some reason, many of the employees that leave Facebook prefer to write a book. The latest comes from former Facebook employee Antonio García Martínez, as reported by Vanity Fair. Apart from his intense stare bordering on psychopathic, Martínez writes about Zuckerberg's clear intentions, in 2011, of destroying its new competitor, Google Plus. His intent was so single-minded that he put Facebook on lockdown and planned for total destruction.

Controlling trending news

News curators control trending news, said ex-Facebook employees. A Gizmodo report claiming so had rocked the Facebook world lately. There’s a team of news editors reportedly working in shifts around the clock and they've been instructed on how to “inject” stories into the trending topics module. They are also trained to “blacklist” topics that can be removed up to a day for reasons such as “doesn’t represent a real-world event,” which is left to the discretion of the editors. But, the chief, Zuckerberg, said that he wasn't aware of the matter and will investigate. Well, it doesn't fall in line with the place accused of an attitude that reportedly reads, "If you could get s**t done and quickly, nobody cared much about credentials or traditional legalistic morality."

Facebook and sexism

Back in 2012, we'd seen another book—The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network—by Katherine Losse crushing the face Facebook was putting on. Losse, who worked for Facebook between 2005 and 2010 claimed that  female workers at the social network were propositioned for threesomes and faced insults like ‘I want to put my teeth in your ass.’ Lower ranking employees, who were usually female, were treated as ‘second class help’, while male engineers were busy with toga parties and late night hackathons. However, things started changing with the arrival of the chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg who later joined the Facebook board as its first female director.

Zuckerberg - the emperor

Losse even compared Zuckerberg to Napolean and called him a little emperor with staff that treats him like an ‘idol’. On his 22nd birthday, female employees were asked to wear T-shirts with his name printed on them.

Most of us may imagine Mark Zuckerberg as a nice, young, talented college dropout who made it big. But building a company, also means building a culture and a platform. It does look like Zuckerberg has failed on the culture part, as far as his company is concerned at least.

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