zCodec is Adware in Disguise!

According to anti-virus firm Panda Software, zCodec is actually an Adware program.

We are all familiar with Video encoding software like DivX and XviD. Video encoding software lets you compress movies to a smaller size without compromising much on audio and video quality. One such software, zCodec has been around for sometime now.

Its claim to fame is that it gives out up to 40% better quality with lesser file sizes (higher the quality bigger the file size). According to Panda Software, an anti-virus, anti-spyware company, zCodec is actually an Adware program. It downloads and runs files, changes the DNS configuration and monitors accesses to several adult websites. The 100kb file is available for download at www.zcodec.com. Please DO NOT download it! A give away on the website was in the form of a misspelt tab which said 'therms of use'. As of now the mistake has been corrected. Not reading too much into it, all we can say is ... Keep Away!

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