YouTube’s Skip Ad button may soon become less and less visible: Report

YouTube may make non-skippable ads a lot more frequent on videos on the platform.

So, as it turns out, whatever few skippable ads we see on YouTube videos right now, are set to become fewer. YouTube may soon pull back the ‘Skip Ad’ button from a lot of videos on the platform.

Spotted by the Mashable first, in a video titled ‘Want to earn more money from ad revenue?’, which was posted on the YouTube’s official Creator Insider channel, the platform has lowkey made a big announcement for its content creators and consumers.

Representational image. Pixabay.

Representational image. Pixabay.

Per the list, after the changes are implemented, any channel that is able to monetize its videos will soon be able to implement non-skippable ads.

As of now, only select YouTube channels are able to run non-skippable ads, which is why you see only a handful of videos on the platforms, which don’t let you skip ads, otherwise, most videos and channels, give you the Skip Ad button a five seconds into the ad playing.

But why would creators want this format, given that this will only repel users? Well, because this can make them more money. YouTube says that advertisers pay more money for non-skippable advertisements, which consequently is more money for the creators who run these ads.

Further, reportedly, the existing format, which is called the TrueView ads (which lets users skip after 5 seconds) will be switched over to non-skippable ads by default, even if a channel wasn’t previously eligible for non-skippable ads. This means that if YouTube creators want their viewers to still be able skip ads on their video archives, they need to take action and switch the default or change the video ad settings in bulk.

What do you think of the format? Would you still stick around through these ads for your favourite YouTubers, or you would completely click away from their video?

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