YouTube's loss might be Facebook's gain as it plans to encourage ad-supported videos on Facebook Watch

Facebook plans to expand Facebook Watch to individual creators and have ad-supported videos on its platform.

Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch.

According to a CNBC report, the revenue distribution would be similar to YouTube. Moreover, advertising brands would have the choice to select the shows they want to display their ads on.

Facebook Watch's new revenue model can threaten YouTube since it is going through various changes when it comes to ad-supported videos. It might become a rival to YouTube which is also a space for individual creators.

Individual creators can ensure longer videos and in effect, more time spent on Facebook, via uploading their content on Facebook Watch.

The report also said that Facebook intends to allow people to upload on their portal for free. Following which they can earn a cut from the revenue generated from the ads placed on the videos.

Another source from the report says that Facebook also plans to have an ad-supported content so that content creators are financially taken care of.

Since the time YouTube received a backlash over ad-placement as well as over inappropriate content on its platform, it has decided to place ads only on ad-friendly videos.

Last year it was rumoured that Facebook Watch might come to India around March 2018.

Updated Date: Feb 06, 2018 10:49 AM