YouTube TV receives visual upgrades in its interface and better controls

The YouTube TV interface has been upgraded with better controls and a new fast-forwarding feature.

YouTube TV, the TV version of the popular video streaming platform received new upgrades including a fast-forwarding feature and an updated ‘Now Playing’ interface with better controls.

YouTube TV receives visual upgrades in its interface and better controls

YouTube logo. Image: Reuters.

Out of all the changes coming to the platform, the most significant has to be the fast-forwarding feature that’s present on other video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Essentially, users will be able to skip or go forward by holding down the fast-forward button. The speed of fast-forwarding can also be controlled. It ranges between 15 seconds per second to a minute per second.

In terms of visual upgrades, the Now Playing interface has been given a refresh. Also, there are larger thumbnails and better suggestions. According to a post on Reddit, the update has been rolled out to 50 percent of the users since this isn’t a fully public version yet. It’s still in an experimental version and a workaround exists for users who want to enroll themselves into it.

To enter the experimental testing version, users have to uninstall the YouTube TV app from their device and reinstall it again. This will give them a new visitor ID which will possibly give them access to the new features. If it doesn’t happen in the first attempt, a report from PhoneArena suggests that users can continue repeating the steps until they are enrolled.

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