YouTube to launch pilot program for addressing concerns regarding the demonetisation of videos on its platform

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced that the video streaming giant will be launching a pilot program with a small group of users to address concerns regarding demonetisation on the platform.

A 3D-printed YouTube icon. Image: Reuters

A 3D-printed YouTube icon. Image: Reuters

The blog post has acknowledged the growing frustration of many content creators who were unhappy with YouTube's recent changes to the YouTube Partners Program. As per The Verge, users claim that YouTube's stricter monetisation algorithms have incorrectly demonetised ad-friendly videos.

However, YouTube defended its actions by saying that the changes "strengthened advertiser confidence, making monetisation and the broader community on YouTube stronger for creators building their business on the platform".

Wojcicki also said, "Channels earning five figures annually grew more than 35 percent, while channels earning six figures annually grew more than 40 percent.”

Even so, the post said that to ameliorate the concerns of content creators, YouTube will be launching a pilot program. In that, the company will be working with a small set of creators to test a new video upload workflow. This will ask creators to provide specific information about what’s in their video as it relates to YouTube's advertiser-friendly guidelines.

The post also focussed on YouTube's influence as a force of good when it came to education. It promised that it wanted to give creators more opportunities to engage with fans and address online abuse.

It remains to be seen if YouTube's new pilot program will help content creators in the long run.

Updated Date: Apr 18, 2018 16:21 PM