YouTube tightens its grip over creators and content they upload on the platform to avoid Logan Paul like fiascos

After Logan Paul's 'Suicide Forest' video, YouTube has pulled up it socks to deal with creators in case they damage the website's reputation. YouTube intends to bring stricter actions for those who violate its community guidelines.

A 3D-printed YouTube icon. Image: Reuters

A 3D-printed YouTube icon. Image: Reuters

According to a YouTube blog post, the video sharing platform and Google are adding 10,000 people to address content-related issues.

They will make sure that people do not post content that violates YouTube community guidelines and consequently its reputation as well. Meanwhile, it will also use machine learning to help creators in reviewing their content and offensive comments that come up on videos.

Apart from that, YouTube has also sought help from social service government agencies like the Anti-Defamation League and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to overlook at these policies.

After Logan Paul's video went viral, YouTube removed the vlogger's video after close to a day of it being on the platform. YouTube only addressed the issue 10 days after the video was taken down. However, Paul is still very much a part of YouTube, although as a punishment, he has been removed from Google's Preferred program.



Updated Date: Feb 05, 2018 12:30 PM