YouTube for Android updated with My Subscriptions, better branding for channels

Google has just released an update for YouTube for Android that has .....

Google has just released an update for YouTube for Android and added some neat little features and fixed some annoying bugs within the application. There is a little something in this update for viewers as well as content creators.

First up, YouTube for Android now has an option for you to be able to access all your subscribed channels in one stream. You can access this option by swiping your homescreen to the right. This will show up the most recent videos uploaded by channels you subscribe to as your main screen.

Earlier, you could see videos from channels you had subscribed to, but only one channel at a time. This is bound to save a lot more time, making it convenient to go through your favourite channels at once.

YouTube for Android updated with My Subscriptions, better branding for channels

Swipe to your right to bring up the My Subscriptions tab


Like it is with every Google update, YouTube for Android has also received bug fixes as well as stability improvements to it. Most importantly, a niggling bug that logged you out of your YouTube account periodically has been fixed.

Lastly, YouTube is providing YouTube One Channel branding to video creator channels on the app as well. The One Channel is a new look that aims to make channels look good on all screen sizes and devices. It allows channel creators to customise how videos and playlists are organised to best fit their channel strategies.

According to YouTube, One Channel creators can leverage the new look to turn more visitors into subscribers by controlling what visitors watch when they click on a channel from the Guide. The One Channel also lets you create a trailer for your channel. This trailer will play for any visitor who isn't a subscriber yet. Users can consider it as an opportunity to get a visitor hooked to their channel, and eventually turn them into subscribers. YouTube suggests users should "treat this trailer as if it were an ad."

While this update brings about a few features that make life easier for both content creators and viewers, we’re still awaiting the subscription-based model of YouTube that the previous update hinted at.

The update that was rolled out back in February was revealed to contain codes that all but confirmed that YouTube was prepping its app for paid subscription channels. The code reads:


You can only subscribe to this paid channel on your computer.
You can only unsubscribe from this paid channel on your computer.

According to reports that emerged in March post the discovery of the code, the planning for the YouTube streaming service is going ahead full steam with a negotiating team and an operating unit of its own. Hopefully, the next big update to the app will bring some more positive news about subscription channels.

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