Yet another LG G3 leak shows rear buttons, possible stylus slot

The LG G3 is fast turning into one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world this year. After being leaked several times in the past, we have quite a bit of idea of what the phone will bring to the table.


With the latest leak though we have the most clear view of the back buttons of the G3. Evleaks has posted an image of the alleged G3 inside a case, that shows the elaborate arrangement on the back, with the camera, unlock button and the volume buttons on the back. There's a mysterious sensor to the left of the camera, with an LED flash on the right.


On the top portion, there's a cutout, for what looks like a stylus slot. Though there's no stylus emerging from the inside in this picture, we can see a shiny silvery head in the image, which does look very much like a stylus. This particular image could very well be of the official case for the LG G3. It must be noted that this image came to Evleaks as a tip and he himself is not sure of its veracity.


Another point that's clear is that the 3.5mm jack and the micro USB port will be on the bottom side of the phone, with the front face being dominated by the large display, which is likely to have a 2K or 2560x1440 pixel resolution.


The G3 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting phones of the year. LG has announced an event for later this month on May 27, when it will likely announce the phone, along with the Android Wear-powered LG G Watch.


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