Yet another Apple iPhone 8 prototype appears online, and this one's made from glass and metal

A YouTube channel published a video of yet another prototype of the Apple iPhone 8. This one is built from glass and metal.

Since the leak of what are alleged to be CAD files for Apple’s upcoming, tenth anniversary iPhone, many high-quality renders of the device have appeared online.

Recently, we saw a video that featured a model of the iPhone 8 that was built from the CAD files. On 1 July, a YouTube channel published a video of yet another prototype, but this time, it’s built from glass and metal and appears to be as close to the real thing as we’re likely to see.

The prototype was sent to YouTube channel EverythingApplePro along with a case for the device. The glass and metal prototype looks fantastic, if very much like every iPhone released these past three years. EverythingApplePro was gushing over the quality of the build.

In alignment with the rumours we’ve been hearing, the prototype’s power button is longer and placed lower down along the side of the display. The rumours we’ve heard suggest that the device will not have an under-screen fingerprint scanner and that instead, the power button will double as TouchID. The size and placement of the power button on the prototype suggests that it will be easier to ‘touch’ when holding the phone as you normally would.

Another unusual feature is the rear-mounted camera, which appears to be vertically-aligned. The flash unit and rear microphone are placed between the dual-camera setup. The prototype, according to EverythingApplePro, is finished in glass, which means there is no other place for the microphone.

The screen couldn’t be demoed since this was a prototype with no internal hardware. The prototype also didn’t have the cut-outs for the front-facing camera, mic and other sensors.

This special edition iPhone may not even be called the iPhone 8, but that's the name that everyone has unofficially given the device. It's expected to come with a 5.8-inch, curved, OLED display, dual-cameras on the rear, a fingerprint sensor under the screen or within the power button, a larger battery, a smaller chipset, an all-glass finish and no headphone jack. The device is also expected to be the most expensive iPhone ever sold.

Hopefully, we'll see the device at in September this year.

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