Yahoo's Group activity to be distributed via emails starting from 14 December

Launched back in 2001, Yahoo Groups had become a home for specialist communities until the social media boom happened.

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Yahoo, perhaps one of the most popular email client at one point, is slowly fading out of existence piece by piece. Reports have come in which say that Yahoo's longest-standing feature called Groups website is going to be closed down in a two-phase process.

Yahoo. Reuters

The company has stated in its blog that you will be losing the ability to post new content on 21 October and all "previously posted" material will be deleted on 14 December. Users will be able to connect to other groups via email but effectively the site will be shut down. The groups that exist will be made private and would require the approval of an administrator.

"We are tailoring Groups' features to match the preferences of our Groups members. Most of our members connect and share content primarily over email, so we believe this change will streamline and improve the Groups experience. Yahoo Groups will continue to provide a way for people to connect with their communities around shared interests, and we will continue to listen to feedback to ensure we keep our users happy," said Verizon Media, the owner of Yahoo.

If you have some data that you would like to preserve, then you could download this data directly from your posts or use Yahoo's Privacy Dashboard. Launched back in 2001, Yahoo Groups had become a home for specialist communities until the social media boom happened and everyone quickly forgot about it.

In more related news, a former Yahoo software engineer had pleaded guilty to hacking into the accounts of some 6,000 Yahoo users in search of sexual photos and videos on 2 October.

The US Attorney's Office says Reyes Daniel Ruiz admitted in court Monday that he mostly targeted accounts belonging to younger women, including his personal friends and work colleagues.

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