Yahoo's first Mobile Developers Meetup in India: State of apps, developer suite and more!

Yahoo held its first mobile developers meetup in India, which took place in Delhi and Bangalore. At its developers meetup in Bangalore yesterday, the company spoke about the state of apps in India, how they are evolving, its developer suite and a panel discussion to help budding developers with the nitty gritties of app development and more.

"We are incredibly happy with the response tonight in Bangalore. Our first preview meetup was in Delhi and we had around 50-60 people, but with the response we project over 300 people here in Bangalore. We are really happy to engage with the developers community and establish ourselves within Bangalore and India overall as a partner for app development and other businesses," Christopher Klotzbach, Head of Product Marketing, Flurry told us.

Yahoos first Mobile Developers Meetup in India: State of apps, developer suite and more!

Unveiled earlier this year, the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite is a blend of technology and data from Yahoo, Flurry (acquired by Yahoo in August, 2014) and BrightRoll (acquired in December 2014).

Talking about the three important aspects of Yahoo's developers suite, Klotzbach said, "First is Flurry Analytics, which is a huge positive for emerging talent and emerging app developers as when you are a startup you don't necessarily have money to spend on analytics. But analytics is integral to grow the business so being free is a huge positive. "


"The second is monetisation, which is difficult, but we are starting to figure out not just the best way to make money but also engage users for longer time. We've launched our third party native network in February and we've seen a huge traction of app developers and helping them drive revenues. We have a really rich and young native market place. Third is the tools we have to help app developers. At Yahoo we have an incredibly robust sources of data that helps app developers find the right user at the right time," he added.


Flurry Analytics covers 7,242 companies in India and about 41,904 apps. Using Flurry Analytics, Yahoo reveals that the app revolution is on rise and there is no sign of stopping. Talking about time spent by app category in Asia - 25 percent is on games, followed by shopping and lifestyle.


In India, most users spend time on arcade and action games, followed by cards and casino games, and then puzzles. Two factors responsible for app growth in India are said to be diversification of app use and phablet adoption. Phablet is the fastest growing device and people owning them are said to spend more time on apps rather than those with average smartphones. Mobile apps have also broadened the horizon for job opportunities.


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