Xiaomi launches 10W Qi-based wireless charger in China at a price of CNY 69

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger comes with Temperature Protection, and has launched in China.

Adding to its long line of accessories, Xiaomi has launched a new wireless charger with universal support.

Priced at 69 Yuan, which is about Rs 714 when translated to Indian currency, the 40W Mi wireless charger has currently been launched only for the Chinese market.

However, the product has been listed on the official Xiaomi Website (China) and we can all but hope to see it soon in the Indian market as well.

Xiaomi launches 10W Qi-based wireless charger in China at a price of CNY 69

Xiaomi Mi Wireless charger.

Per the listing, the Mi Wireless Charger comes supports for universal Qi wireless charging standard. Now you would say, doesn’t Xiaomi already have a wireless charging pad? Yes it does, but this one’s different.

The launch of the wireless charger was first reported by GizChina, which reveals that in comparison to the previous wireless charger by Xiaomi, the new charging pad by the company supports more smartphones and can also go up to 10W.

According to the website, the Mi Wireless charger will support the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X at 7.5W, while scaling to 10W while charging the Samsung Galaxy S9. The specifications also point out that the charger will charge at 5W when plugged into a 5V supply with 2A current or 7.5W or 10W charging when plugged to 5V supply with 2.4A current.

Further, the Mi Wireless charger comes with Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 adapter. But, like with any wireless pad, the actual charging speed offered by a pad cannot be compared to a wall adapter, even if both support the same fast charging technology.

Which means, even though the Mi Wireless Charger comes with Quick Charge 2.0, the charging speed you would get at the end of the day would be slightly lesser than the wall adapter’s. However, the ease of a wireless charging pad is certainly unmatched.

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