WWDC 2017: Where and how to catch the Apple

Commencing today, Apple will kickstart this years 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference, 2017 (WWDC'17).

Commencing today, the Vulcans of the digital age will kickstart this years 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Starting at 10 AM PDT (Pacific daylight time) and 10:30 PM IST, the conference will be a cauldron of  technology and innovation till 9 June, at their McEnergy Convention Centre, San Jose, California.

So that all developers, Apple enthusiasts, and customers do not miss out on this galactic conference, owning an Apple product would come handy. You can catch the keynote online on their Apple developer website; however, make sure, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has the latest software installed. Even a minimum of iOS 7.0 will do.

Meanwhile, those with a MacBook must have Safari 6.0.5 or later, or OS X v10.8.5, or later, on their system. Since Apple does not plan to miss out on their non-Apple audience, having a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is also an option to view the event.

The keynote can be live streamed via a fourth generation Apple TV, or through second or third generation Apple TV with tvOS 6.2.

For those who have busy weekdays, they can receive notifications from the WWDC App which was released late May this year. It can be availed on Apple Watch as well. The app allows you to catch up on various sessions from one Apple device to another, thus, not restricting the user to one channel.

If you are unable to live stream the Keynote be sure to tune in to our live blog that will be up and running by 9:30 PM tonight.

In the meantime, you could look at all the rumours and news to do with this year’s WWDC 2017 right here.

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