Women's Day 2019: A must-follow list of 21 amazing Indian women on social media

These 21 women content creators are dominating the most influential platforms of the online world.

Who runs the world?


This insightful knowledge imparted by Queen B, is time and again proven to be true by all the ladies out there, all over the world.

Now, as the internet dominates all Earthlings, these 21 women content creators are dominating the most influential platforms of the online world.

 Womens Day 2019: A must-follow list of 21 amazing Indian women on social media

Happy International Women's Day. Image: tech2/Sneha Sharma

These women, through content that includes vlogging, doodling, body-positivity gyaan and videos that will make you laugh till your jaw drops, are creating waves and are breaking all sorts of boundaries. A lot of them already have millions of followers thousands of likes, views and shares for their content, all while dazzling their audiences.

Without further ado, here is a list of 21 female content creators ruling digital platforms, especially Facebook's prodigy, Instagram:

Prajakta Koli- @mostlysane

IG - 1.1 million

Prajakta Koli hails from the YouTube community and has more than 3.4 million subscribers on her channel. She goes by the moniker MostlySane and is one of India's biggest female comedy content creators. She even has a huge base of around 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Her most popular YouTube video, No offence, has over 11 million views.

Mallika Dua - @mallikadua

IG - 685K

She is, personally, one of my favourite content creators! She is so funny! She uses the various filters at her disposal, tunes her voice and tries out different characters. The Shalishka persona is my favourite one.

Santoshi Shetty - @santoshishetty

IG - 604K

She is an architecture student and fashion blogger. She founded the website The Styledge which talks about her take on beauty, fashion, travel & lifestyle.




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Hello red lips... been a minute A post shared by Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty) on

Ahsaas Channa - @ahsaassy_

IG - 583k

You might know her as a child actor who worked in Bollywood films such as Vaastu Shastra, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, and My Friend Ganesha, to name a few, but now she is a TikTok star.




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Shenaz Treasurywala - @shenaztreasury

IG - 528K

Shenaz Treasurywala is an Indian actress, TV host, writer, and travel vlogger. She even has her own channel on YouTube with over 92K followers.

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My floating office for the day . #travelwithshenaz @thesunsiyamirufushi

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Komal Pandey -@komalpandeyofficial

IG - 511K

She knows how to make a dress go from drab to fab in seconds! She curates various looks, shows how a single piece of cloth can be worn in various different ways and makes “How-to” videos. She has a huge audience base of about 691K subscribers on YouTube as well.

Kusha Kapila - @kushakapila

IG - 361K

She is most famous for her Delhi Girls character, Gurri Ki Mummy, Zulmia Aunty, Billi Maasi! Need I say more?

Priyanka Kochhar - @bikewithgirl

IG - 321K

Priyanka, famously known as ‘Bike with Girl’ is a female motorcycle blogger and is flushing down all stereotypes.

Juhi Godambe - @juhigodambe

IG - 265K

Juhi is a model and a fashion blogger. She is also the founder of the Arabellaa clothing store.

Natasha Noel - @natashanoel001

IG - 231K

Yogini Natasha is a yoga blogger, social media influencer and talks about body positivity! She practices and imparts knowledge of the ancient art of Yoga. She has over 2 lakh followers on YouTube.

Dolly Singh - @spill_the_sass

IG - 250K

Also known as ‘Raju ki Mummy’ she is extremely funny and as her bio on Instagram says, “I make funny videos for a living.”

Alicia Souza - @aliciasouza

IG - 209K

Her doodles speak for themselves. She has a store which sells all sorts of stationery products like planners, stamps, magnets, greeting cards, bag tags to name a few, all of which are covered in cutesy, creative doodles. My favourite is the couples stamp!




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A vicious cycle but today surely! A post shared by Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza) on

Anisha Dixit - @ricksha_wali

IG - 200K

Anisha is also a comedian and a prominent YouTuber. She has her own team called TeamRickster. She has about 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Malvika Sitlani - @malvikasitlaniofficial

IG - 186K

She is a beauty blogger and puts up cool and easy makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, how to keep a clear and healthy skin and so on and so forth. She too has amassed more than 3 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

Srishti Dixit - @srishtipatch

IG - 148K

She is extremely hilarious and a versatile comedian. When asked about how digital platforms such as Instagram have aided to her growth she says, “I've been a content creator for the last 4 years. Before appearing and making videos, I was a writer. Social media has definitely helped with me getting noticed more, watched more and helping me get recognised more and more. But along with the reach comes pressure to stay relevant (which requires consistency) and I'm still grappling with that. Like any creator, I often get overwhelmed by the pressures of "being on" all the time, I experience exhaustion and burn-out, I experience jealousy for my peers and also an overarching sense of self-doubt and a feeling of not being "good enough". I've learnt that one can never be at the top of their game constantly, that is just humanly impossible, creates needless pressure on mental health and honestly, I don't even aspire to be "at the top". I just want to do good work and be responsible in my content and make those who watch me online, forget about their stress in life, even if it is merely for a few minutes.”

Neha Sharma @neha.doodles

IG - 99K

She is an illustrator, storyteller and in her words “not your basic influenza”.  Her doodles try to give out a positive outlook towards life.

Sumukhi Suresh - @sumukhisuresh

IG - 94.6K

A stand-up comedian, an actor, a writer, that’s Sumukhi for you! One of her most famous avatars is Parvati Bai – “Ek nayi didi aayi hai humare papparment mai…”

Karuna Ezara Parikh - @karunaezara

IG - 69K

“When we understand

That a dead person has no nationality

That is when we will begin to heal” - Karuna Ezara Parikh

She is a writer and a model.

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I've been seeing a lot of backlash against International Women's Day today, and I understand it. The commercialisation makes it seem a bit like a joke, and you want to say "Hey I don't want your stupid discount, thanks." Because what we want it real change. I get it. But don't fall into the trap of putting down Women's Day for this reason, or for the reason that you might be a woman of privilege and have lost sight of the greater good a day like this can do. I promise you, somewhere there's a little girl who's abused at home each night who sees this day and thinks she's worth something, that she has sisters and can fight back. Somewhere there's a young man who questions why we need a Women's Day and realises it's because we're fighting for something. When you put this day down, you take away the victories we have made so far - things like being able to vote, to drive, to work, to not work, to use birth control, to wear bikinis and burkhas both if we want. And worse, you take away a chance at future victories. Use this day to reach out to the women in your life, to show solidarity, to donate to a women's charity. When was the last time you did those things anyway? Maybe we do need a day after all Big hugs to all my ladies, and to all the men who stand by us ❤️❤️❤️‍♀️‍♀️❤️ Happy International Women's Day. ❤️❤️❤️

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P.S - Her tattoos look amazing!

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✨️ . . . Shot by @pixelamalgam Clothing by @wearsasya Styled by @styleographbychikkygoenka

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Toshada Uma - @toshadaa

IG - 56.5K

Quirky, unique and everything beautiful is what describes her best. She is a model and breaks the norm of “all models need to be of a certain height”.

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Photo by @shamim_photography

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In one of her Instagram posts she writes,

“Dear Woman,
Your secret lies in you, you're complete and capable of pursuing anything you set your mind to! And when the world feels full of obstacles, like it is, YOU are indeed capable of kicking them aside; Conquering it all! “

Priyanka Paul - @artwhoring

IG - 34.1K

She is an illustrator and a poet. She has even come out with Bedx Talks - Desi Sex Ed Guide Zine.

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Swipe left to see the first glimpse of BEDx Talks Zine Pre-Orders open now! Link in Bio! @rushilbhatnagar  and I bring to you, the first ever BEDx Talks! BEDx Talks is now up for pre-order!  We put in hours of work and sacrificed sex to let Dickinson have his first BEDx Talks. Again if you don’t know what BEDx Talks is - it’s a zine that’s supposed to be a sex-ed guide with a focus on the Indian Male perspective and male sexual experiences in India. We personally felt the need to understand men and for men to understand themselves when it comes to an important discussion like this that has evolved over patterns of discourse. Here’s to more talking about sex, more open conversation, and more safe and healthy sex practices! Swipe to see what we have in store for you. #BEDxTalks #tedx #vice #zines #mix #animation #musicvideo #dsgnfbrc #motiongraphics #cinema4d #vfx #aftereffects #lucidscreen #mograph #visual_creatorz #mdcommunity #d_expo #mgcollective #vfx #compositing #adobe #homegrown #iimotionpicture #3dfordesigners #lucidscreen #design

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Roshini Kumar - @rosh93

IG - 16.9k

She is a fashion photographer, influencer and a body-positivity activist. She is currently capturing a series called ‘Bare’ which, in her words, was made “to honour and celebrate the human body in its purest, rawest form as well as help people accept and be comfortable with their bodies.”

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I’m usually stereotyped to not like indian clothes or indian wear, but I actually love indian clothes and jewellery and what I love most is breaking those stereotypes ⚡️⚡️ — For @ckcsons @ckcjewellers Agency - @theboldcreative Creative Director - @vanshajkapur Producer - @emailkaushal Art Director - @pragnya_venkatesh Stylist - @ritu.arya Photographer - @thatphotographerwithheadphones Film DOP - @bharathparashuram MUA - @shefalisurvemua Hair by: @naina.hairart / @highgloss.salon Assistant Directors - @somansuryayadav, @gauravsingh9395, @tarunlachh Styling Assistants - @manshihemnani, @priteshkshatriya, @anamika.ani007 Outfit: @colorosoweaves Camera Assistants - @harshakumargowda, @createandenquire MUA Assistants - @_saugat_pro_artistry_ , @chithrahairandmakeup Behind the scenes - @filmbakerindia Post Production - Aditya Pandey, Darshan Prakash Image Processing - @wtf_zz Driver - Sagar #portraitphotography #ckcsons #indianclothes #influencer

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And that's a wrap! Happy Women's Day y'all! <3

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