Woman in China caught trying to smuggle 102 iPhones, local press dubs her "female Iron Man"

Custom officials at Shenzhen Luohu have caught a woman trying to smuggle over 102 iPhones. The woman was trying to take the phones from Hong Kong to China, where the devices are costlier. The 102 smartphones were taped in multiple layers around her torso. Local press is referring to the woman as the "female Iron Man" for having an exoskeleton made up of Apple devices. The woman had a total of 18 kg of smuggled goods on her.

The custom officials became suspicious after noticing a disproportionately large upper body, considering the thin limbs of the middle aged woman. She was also wearing a sweater even though the weather was relatively warm. The officials suspected smuggled goods, so they put the woman through the metal detector, which alerted the officials of the presence of a lot of metal. The officials were surprised at the large hoard of smartphones the woman was attempting to smuggle.

Although the customs officials suspected it to be the largest such find, a man in China had previously attempted to smuggle 146 iPhones from Hong Kong, according to a report in the Daily Dot. The total cash value of the smuggled goods is estimated to be more than Rs 51,00,000.

Updated Date: Jul 20, 2017 08:36 AM