Windows 8 to Have Hybrid Booting and Portable Workspaces

Carry your Windows with you wherever you go

As days pass by, more and more news regarding Microsoft’s next big desktop operating system Windows 8 make their way onto the internet. There have been reports of leaked builds being available for download. A few new features have been unearthed in the process. 

Windows 8 to Have Hybrid Booting and Portable Workspaces

Booting to get quicker and Windows to get more portable



Two of more interesting features to be discovered are the Hybrid Boot and Portable Workspaces feature. The Hybrid Boot feature is said to be an evolution of the existing Hibernate feature that allows Windows to shut down into this state so bootup times are reduced dramatically.  The other feature, Portable Workspaces is said to allow users to install Windows into a flash drive that they can carry with them whenever they want. The feature is said to require close to 16GB of space on the flash drive for it to work. The tool should be handy to kickstart broken installations along with being able to carry your OS with you. Clearly, Microsoft has been thinking out of the box with their new OS. Windows 8 is rumoured to launch in late 2012 or early 2013.

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