Windows 10 could soon be powered Qualcomm's mobile chipsets

Setting alliance with Microsoft, Qualcomm has announced that Windows 10 will be coming to the next generation of Snapdragon processors.

Microsoft launched Windows RT in an attempt to spread its reach on mobile devices that ran on ARM based chips. While that strategy didn't do so well, its new partnership with Qualcomm might be second and possibly a better attempt from the OS maker.

We all know Qualcomm is the leader in making chipsets for mobile devices, and it has set an alliance with Microsoft to announce that Windows 10 will be coming to the next generation of Snapdragon processors. They also made it clear that it will be a full version of the OS and include support for legacy Win32 software and Universal Windows apps.

Applications on Windows run on X86 based chips which is probably why Windows RT failed. Now Qualcomm is working with Microsoft to emulate X86 instructions. While there isn't a lot of info this does mean that we can expect Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 devices soon. This also means that they will be really light and power efficient. Another added benefit would be the integrated cellular radio in the chipsets. This will allow devices to be connected at all times.

This move could prove to be a game changer for Microsoft as it will further boost the number of Windows based devices in the market. It could however be a bit of a trouble for chipset makers like Intel as their low-powered chipsets could face heavy competition once the Microsoft-Qualcomm partnership starts to materialise.

Qualcomm will probably get the most profit out of this relationship as up till now the company's chipsets were mostly used on Android based devices. Adding Windows to the portfolio will definitely give Qualcomm a huge boost in terms of adoption. But that would also mean that Qualcomm will have to increase its production cycles.

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