Why is iPad manufacturer FoxConn working with Google?

Most of us have known Foxconn as the assembler for iPhones and iPads.


News now has it that the company is quietly working with Apple’s arch-rival Google. According to a report by Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter have revealed that Foxconn has been working with Google’s Andy Rubin since 2013 to carry out the latter’s vision for robotics.


The report also suggests that the companies have begun with the first phase of deployment that revolves around automated manufacturing. The new automation technology will help Foxconn cut down on the rising wages of its workers. Late last year, Google hit headlines with the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, a privately held company best known for building robots that look as if they belong in a science-fiction movie and which are often co-developed or funded by the US military.


The Journal points out that Google is looking to replace manual labour for intricate tasks such as assembling electronics. It further says that the company plans to extend beyond factories and "compete with companies like Amazon in retailing." Recently Amazon had revealed its plans of using drones for deliveries.


It should also be noted that Google had purchased eight companies that specialise in robotics last year to gather the expertise and research it needs. Big Dog, a four-legged robot that can climb muddy hills, and Cheetah, a robot which can outrun the fastest human, are among the robots that now belong to Google.


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