What the Fluff Challenge: The cutest new internet trend to bamboozle your dog

This is probably the cutest internet trend of 2018.

Do them a heckin' bamboozle!

The internet is currently addicted to this new meme cocktail, and the ingredients to it are pretty basic and simple. All you need is a blanket, a doorway, and a gullible dog.

Called the ‘What the Fluff Challenge’, this new trend has got the internet hooked on to it. And the only purpose, which seems totally worth it to me, is to show the world how adorable dogs are.

And so, taking the point forward, people around the world are freaking their dogs out, with just a blanket for a prop, pulling a disappearing “magic trick”.

The #WhatTheFluffChallenge started off with the first post coming from the @siberianhusky_jax Instagram account.

The London based Instagrammer, posted the video on 17 June, and since her video has gone viral with close to 20 lakh views on her Insta post.

This has led to many other people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are taking up the challenge too. Here are some examples.

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But there was also this smart alec, who reverse bamboozled its human guardian.

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The level of chill this dog has, I’d like to be there!

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