We'll Make YouTube Viewing Equal TV Viewing, Says Google

Google to push in $100 million to generate original video content on YouTube.

Popular video streaming website YouTube has long had avid audiences glued on to its varied content. Now, in a bid to position itself in the original video content space, YouTube has entered into a $100 million offer made by Google Inc. This offer would mean that YouTube now will stream original video content on its medium.

We'll Make YouTube Viewing Equal TV Viewing, Says Google

Will this equal television viewing?


What was the domain of broadcast and cable television operators will now have the video streaming website for company. YouTube has in its kitty massive revamp plans. Very soon, users will be able to see scores of channels on YouTube’s home page. These channels will showcase original video content. A lot of channel content will be gathered from the existing content on the website. Whereas about 20-odd channels will have professionally produced original content running to several hours. Promising to deliver itself on similar expectations, of that of the content viewed on cable television, this move by YouTube and Google is surely an ambitious one.

In a bid to render more professional touches to the revamped look, YouTube is looking out for the services of several Hollywood talent agencies such as Creative Artists Agency, William Morris Endeavor and International Creative Management. This move by Google isn’t a standalone one. Post the buyout in 2006 for a whopping $1.6 billion, Google has been looking out ways to make YouTube as profiting as it can. What began with intensive advertising during the videos will now burgeon to lending a TV Viewing like experience.

This move surely seems to have interested the masses who spend a major chunk of their time on the internet.


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