Wacom brings the Intuos5 to India starting at Rs.15,200

Wacom have launched their next generation of graphics tablet, the Intuos5 in India, which is designed for creative ...

Wacom have launched their next generation of graphics tablet, the Intuos5 in India, which is designed for creative professionals as well as photo, art, and design enthusiasts. The Intuos5 brings in enhanced features, compared to its predecessor, the Intuos4. The brand claims that with the Intuos5, digital content creation is taken to the next level with its superior features, including multi-touch gesture support for intuitive input, an Express View display to facilitate an efficient workflow and wireless capabilities, which offer convenience and comfort. With its ergonomic, ambidextrous design and bold new look, the slim-profile Intuos5 combines Wacom’s pen tablet experience with multi-touch input in a single device. Wacom states that the professional matte-black, soft-touch finish and illuminated accents reflect a modern and durable design. Combined with Wacom's renowned pen pressure and tilt sensitive pen, the Intuos5 aims to inspire creativity through an incredible experience.

Wacom brings the Intuos5 to India starting at Rs.15,200

Launched in India



Wacom continues to add productivity features, such as adding time-saving ExpressKeys, which can be customized for application-specific shortcuts and modifiers. The Intuos5 uses Wacom's proprietary digital pen technology induces the included stylus to register 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and up to 60 degrees of pen tilt; one can just flip it and it turns into an eraser. Wacom’s proprietary Tip sensor technology allows pressure-sensitive effects, rendering effects to start with slight touch, and the intensity can be increased, just like using mechanicals tools, like brushes and so on. The two buttons on the pen are customizable as well. To meet the workflow and workspace needs of Wacom's diverse professional customer base, the company will put forth five models, such as the Intuos5 Touch small priced at Rs.17,200, medium priced at Rs.25,100, large at Rs.32,350, and also pen-only small for Rs.15,200 and medium for Rs.21,500.


Mr. Shigeki Komiyama, Director and Executive Director, Japan-Asia Pacific Region at Wacom Co. Ltd strongly believes that touch and pen could replace mouse and keyboard in future. He clearly points out the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note. With touch functionality being adopted in all fields, the multi-touch capabilities of the Intuos5 support gestures, like zooming, scrolling, panning and rotating the image. It offers compatibility with Windows and Macs. 


The customizable ExpressKeys have six buttons of small size and eight of both medium and large sizes and one Touch Ring, with four-function toggle. It shows the Express View, a new Heads-Up Display (HUD) feature. A single button press and you can view the heads-up display, ensuring easy navigation with the pen that also serves as the mouse. The optional function of wireless connectivity in Intuos5 enables one to convert Intuos5 into a wireless tablet by installing the wireless Accessory kit that is sold separately. This kit is inclusive of rechargeable battery that charges through USB, an RF module that plugs into the tablet and a receiver that plugs into a USB port on the computer. 


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