Volkswagen recalls 766,000 VW branded cars worldwide for braking control system update

Volkswagen is recalling 766,000 vehicles of its core passenger-car brand worldwide for a software update to their braking control systems, a spokesman said.

The braking control system may not function properly in certain driving conditions, such as when the driver oversteers, understeers or slams on the brakes, the spokesman said. The car maker is recalling 288,000 VW-brand cars in Germany over the issue. Including the Audi and Skoda brands, the German recall impacts about 385,000 cars, the spokesman said.

“Out of 1.2 million technical measures which have to be applied, as of today, we have applied 470,000 and at the current rate, we are applying these measures to 20,000 cars a week,” Willis. The recall in Germany was first reported by news agency DPA on Saturday.

Volkswagen had earlier admitted installing a software in diesel engines on nearly 600,000 Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi vehicles in the US that activated pollution controls during government tests and switched them off in real-world driving.

The software allowed the cars to spew harmful nitrogen oxide at up to 40 times above the legal limit.  The company had agreed to pay a $4.3 billion as fine to the US Government in the wake of pleading guilty of the scandal. In all, some 11 million vehicles worldwide were equipped with the software, making the company's recall the largest in automotive history.

With inputs from Reuters

Updated Date: Jul 07, 2017 14:45 PM