Vodafone NZ Uses Fake Robbery to Hype the Xperia Play

Contest winners get an Xperia Play.

A few days ago, Vodafone New Zealand posted a tweet saying that a large shipment consisting of Sony Ericsson Xperia Plays was stolen and would result in a delayed launch.

Vodafone NZ Uses Fake Robbery to Hype the Xperia Play

It was all a joke...


While a single guy initiating such a large security breach and stealing smartphones like it was candy from a baby does sound fishy. A lot of people believed the news and were disappointed by it. But today, another tweet from Vodafone popped up which said, “Our fraud team are investigating the stolen Xperia Play phones and have released footage of the break-in. Can you help?” The video which you can see below shows a man in black clothing, running around the store and looking for the shipment of phones behind desks and in what looked like a bucket.

As it turns out, the shipment wasn’t stolen, and the launch isn't delayed either. Vodafone used it as a viral campaign to hype the Xperia Play launch and has put up a contest where, the people who find the person responsible for the ‘crime’ will be rewarded with six Xperia Play Phones as well as $5000 in store credit.