Vivaldi launches version 1.11 with controls for GIF animations and a refreshed icon

The new features focus on improving accessibility, with an enhanced reader mode, more control over GIF and the ability to fine tune mouse gestures.

Vivaldi, a power user oriented browser from Opera co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner has just released version 1.11 of the browser. There is now a new icon to refresh the look of the browser. The update contains a number of tweaks, improvements, new features and bug fixes. The new features focus on improving accessibility, with an enhanced reader mode, more controls over GIF animations, and the ability to fine tune mouse gestures.


Image: Vivaldi

The reader mode in Vivaldi allows users to focus on the text, while automatically removing distractions such as advertisements and videos. There are now font options available at the top of the page in reader mode that will allow users to quickly switch to the most comfortable layout. There are two font options, three font sizes and two line spacing options. A reset button quickly reverts to the default reader mode. Users can apply custom themes in the reader mode as well, which is a feature to allow those with visual impairments to comfortably navigate the web.

Some users are adversely affected by flashing GIFs and to protect these viewers from suddenly coming across a GIF that can trigger an unwanted reaction, Vivaldi has included global GIF controls in the bottom right corner of the browser. Users can choose whether to autoplay GIFs, play the GIFs once, or never to run GIF animations. Vivaldi has given more granular control over the mouse gestures. Now a minimum stroke length for the gestures can be set. While the default is five pixels, the stroke length can be set up to 100 pixels with a convenient slider control.

Vivaldi allows users to set custom thumbnails for the web pages in speed dial. However, the reload button and the cancel option on the speed dial page can accidentally clear the thumbnails. To avoid this, Vivaldi users now have the option of toggling the reload and cancel buttons on the speed dial.

The icon has also been made simpler. Instead of a stack of squares, there is just a rounded icon with the Vivaldi V in the center surrounded by a white circle. The logo is reminiscent of the now defunct Neoplanet web browser. According to Vivaldi, the new icon is the first step in a much larger visual overhaul. The complete changelog for the update is available on the Vivaldi blog.

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