Virginia Tech Shooting Game Goes Online

A homemade game based on the Virginia Tech shooting has gone online.

The author of a homemade game based on the Virginia Tech shooting has rejected outrage it has triggered, taunting opponents with an offer to pull it off the Internet if he receives donations on his Web site.

Ryan Lambourn, 21, of Sydney, posted a game called ''V-Tech Rampage'' on, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based portal that allows amateurs to upload games they have created, play them and discuss them in forums.

In Lambourn's game, the player manipulates a character carrying a handgun around a campus and makes clear references to the Virginia Tech killings and gunman Seung-Hui Cho, the student who shot to death 32 people and himself on April 16.

The game has generated a furious debate online, with many posters in numerous forums and newsgroups demanding that it be removed. Others have supported the game.

Lambourn said Wednesday he had received no donations, local media reported.

Phone and e-mail messages left for Lambourn by The Associated Press were not immediately answered.