Viewsonic Introduces 3 New Multimedia Monitors

Viewsonic introduces 3 new widescreen monitors with widescreen support and response times of 5ms

Viewsonic has announced a variety of new LCD displays ranging from 19-inches to 22 inches. The new LCD panels which have been released are the VX1935vm (19 inches) ,VX2035vm (20 Inches) and VX223vm (22 inches). Each of these monitors have a response time of 5ms and are aimed at multimedia and gaming enthusiasts. The prices of the monitors are U.S $199 for the 19-inch, U.S $349 for the 20-inch and U.S $399 for 22-inch.

Specification Table

Name Viewsonic Vx1935vm Viewsonic Vx2035vm Viewsonic Vx2235vm
Size 19 Inch 20 Inch 22 Inch
Resolution 1440x900 1680x1050 1680x1050
Brightness 300 Nits 300 Nits 280 Nits
Contrast 700:1 800:1 700:1

Viewsonic Introduces 3 New Multimedia Monitors

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