Uncharted 3 patch out now

Naughty Dog fixes Uncharted 3’s wonky aiming system via patch out now.

Uncharted 3 was a pretty sweet game, but it did have a bit of a screwy aiming system. So wide spread was this problem, that Naughty Dog decided to unmuck it via a patch that’s out now. Besides the aiming mechanic and an added visual tweak in the form of Motion Blur, the patch also brings with it a bunch of other single and multiplayer tweaks. While I appreciate the fact that Naughty Dog listens to its fan base and tries to please them to the best of their ability, I have to wonder if it’s a bit too late to release the patch.

Uncharted 3 patch out now

Long road out of hell


Personally I don’t plan on re-playing Uncharted 3 for a long time, since I got both Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City (PC) on my plate, but even if I didn’t, I doubt I would go back to the game to experience it all over again with a new aiming system. Either way, this patch is good news for those who actually held of playing the game. For a full list of what this patch brings to the table, head on over to the Naughty Dog blog.

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