Uncharted 3 goes gold

Naughty Dog's highly anticipated action game on track for its November launch date.

The wait is almost over. Nathan Drake’s latest adventure is nearly upon us as the PlayStation Blog informs us that the game has now gone gold. This means Naughty Dog has sent the final version of the game for replication to meet its November 1st release date.

Uncharted 3 goes gold

The wait is almost over


It turns out every copy of Uncharted 3 will also contain a code that will allow players to partake in the StarHawk 2 beta that kicks off sometime in early 2012. Besides the beta code, Naughty Dog have also bundled in four behind the scenes videos on the disc itself so you can witness the blood, sweat and tears that go into making an AAA game.

Uncharted 3 will release exclusively for the PS3 by the 1st of November 2011. In the meantime feel free to check out our beta impressions.


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