Ubisoft Release Brotherhood DLC for FREE!

Head back to Rome for some cat and mouse action with a new MP map and a game mode.

Ubisoft are very content with the positive reaction Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood has been receiving. In fact they’re so happy they would like to share the love with you, by releasing Brotherhood DLC (Downloadable Content) for free. The Animus Project Update 1.0 as it’s called will include a brand-new variant of the Alliance mode found in the game's MP, along with a brand new MP map.

Located on a rocky tidal island of Normandy in France, the new map, Mont Saint-Michel, offers breathtaking scenery sure to enchant all. Its particular topography of narrow streets, high-perched bell-tower and multi-leveled architecture is perfect for hunters and predators alike to surge from out of nowhere to execute their prey. To survive, recruits need to use free-running and narrow roads to their advantage.

Ubisoft Release Brotherhood DLC for FREE!
It's kill or be killed

And if for some reason you haven’t picked Brotherhood up yet, this quote from our review just may help you make up your mind __STARTQUOTE__Brotherhood is a game that packs in a ton of stuff but most of it, you’ve seen and experienced from Assassin’s Creed II. The new stuff is not ground breaking but it’s an interesting addition to the series. If you’re one of the few who never liked Assassin’s Creed II to begin with, Brotherhood will not change your mind. On the other hand if you loved AC II as much as we did, Brotherhood brings all that back and more making it a must buy this holiday season.__ENDQUOTE__

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