Uber is celebrating three years of operations in India

Apart from the core functionality of hailing a cab with an app, Uber is claiming to solve traffic congestion and pollution related problems.

Uber has been active in India for three years, and has celebrated with the release of a YouTube video. Uber's core functionality is delivering a cab through a button on an app, but it is claiming to be solving the larger issue of reducing traffic congestion and pollution in cities through the use of UberPool. UberPool claims to have saved 12,880,000 kilometres of travel by consolidating rides, which is equivalent to 17 trips to the moon and back. That would mean a saving of 605,000 litres of fuel which in turn reduces the carbon footprint by 1,400,000 kgs.

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Uber expanded to India on August 29, 2013. The introduction was through "secret Ubers" in Bengaluru. The first passenger to call for an Uber cab was singer Raghu Dixit who used the Uber app on his iPhone. The first customer is called "rider zero", and the trip started from Ali Askar Road. Since then, Uber has expanded to many cities across the nation. Uber launched an auto rickshaw service in Delhi. UberPool expanded to a number of cities including Mumbai and Hyderabad. Features were added to pre-schedule ride requests, and to check unsafe driving. Globally, Uber went from 1 billion rides to 2 billion rides over a period of just six months.

Uber is celebrating three years of operations in India

Uber's rider zero in India. singer Raghu Dixit with driver Anand. Image: Uber

Uber has steadily been improving response times to cab calls, as well as total volume of rides active at one point in any given city. Uber is extending employment to youth so much so that it has become a white collar job in Bengaluru for young, educated professionals. The payouts and benefits of being employed at Uber also help in giving a new lease of life to the unemployed.


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