Two Worlds "Meatier" Than Oblivion

Has Oblivion finally met it's match?

If you thought Oblivion was impressive with its vast open ended nature, prepare to be bowled over by Two World's, a brand new Role Playing Game by developer Reality Pump. recently caught up with the Zuxxez's (they're the firm handling the game's marketing campaign) head honcho, Dirk Hassinger had to say:

"Two Worlds may seem to be in the Oblivion template, but the two games are very different once you get beyond the surface. Two Worlds offers a more focused, grittier experience and a lot of correlating features are deeper in Two Worlds.

Our inventory system is smarter, our magic system is much more complex and even the way we handle horses has more depth. Beyond those game mechanics, we have a much more complex society, with many more factions working within it. On top of that, our overarching storyline is a touch darker and more involved. That's not to say that Oblivion is a worse game, just that Two Worlds has more 'meat'."

Two Worlds

If that wasn’t enough he also feels that the game’s multiplayer component will be what sets this game apart from Oblivion:

"The multiplayer mode is going to be really special, both on PC and 360. We're going to implement two distinct modes. One will involve a hub area where players can form teams, chat, trade and set off on instanced mini-quests. The other mode will be a straight PvP arena, although we're overflowing with ideas on how to innovate the competitive side of things. Horse races, complete with an in-game gambling system for observers, are something we've already mentioned, but the rest will have to stay under our hats for now."

Bold claims... bold ambitions... Let’s hope these guys deliver.


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