Twitter's new share icon lets you bookmark your favourite tweets without letting others know

Twitter had tested this feature which was a part of the #SaveForLater, which was present during the HackWeek at Twitter.

Twitter has introduced a revamped "share" icon where the user would be able to bookmark their favourite tweets, share tweets and direct message tweets to others right from the your Twitter feed. Basically, it lets you do the same things, the previous share option would do, with the addition of bookmarking your favourite tweets.

Representational image. Reuters.

Representational image. Reuters.

A user has to first click the share icon and then tap on to the bookmark option to add it to the bookmarks section which can be accessed in the profile tab of the user.

While the earlier share button was buried deeper, the new one, makes sharing and direct messaging users easier being just a tap away.

It is different only in terms of UX design, which is a step away from the conventional share button.

The bookmarked tweets are kept for private viewing, unlike the “heart” or like button which is present for public viewing.

Dubbed #TwitterBookmarks, the feature reduces the need for user to retweet, direct message a tweet the same message to save it to a list.

Though the new feature has been rolled out officially, it is currently visible only on the iOS version of the app. Android users may have to wait a bit.

Twitter had tested this feature earlier which was a part of the #SaveForLater, which was present during the HackWeek at Twitter.

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